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At Box 2 Media, we aim to create content that inspires action. For our audience of startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, time is short, but there’s an endless amount of advice available. A lot of the time, a Google search can leave you more confused than when you started.

We’re a startup, too, so we have firsthand experience of a lot of the challenges we write about. Bristol is a city full of startups and fiercely independent businesses—there’s a real buzz here and it’s incredible to work among entrepreneurs who have game-changing ideas.

Chris Goodfellow, Founder

With our content, we try to cut through the noise. We’re big believers in showcasing stories from real businesses, rather than telling you what we think the answer is. We’ll tell you what three or four people in the exact same position as you did. By the end of our articles, you should always be driven and informed enough to act.

We come across a lot of people who think content is only there to boost their search ranking. That is a factor, but if your content strategy is based entirely on SEO trends, it won’t be worth much.

We really believe in the value of great content. We try to make each word count. There’s a strong emerging market for it, too—people are tired of sifting through hundreds of listicles and advert-laden pages.

We’re innovative because we’re combining the quality of print journalism with the accessibility of online content. Content doesn’t have to be something you throw together every couple of weeks to keep your blog ticking over. It can be inspiring, insightful, and eye-opening for people. All you have to do is understand its value.

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