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Provides Technology Businesses With The Guidance, Systems, And Funding Needed To Scale And Exit Successfully




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BOSS Capital Partners is a boutique investment firm dedicated to working with technology businesses that need operational expertise and guidance to achieve capital efficient and rewarding outcomes. By utilizing the BOSS—Business Operating Support System—the BCP team assists startup companies with tactical challenges they face in product management, engineering, sales, marketing, pricing, legal, and finance. Consistently and efficiently applied, BOSS allows BCP to transform the day-to-day operations of portfolio companies and significantly increase the quality of potential exit outcomes.

“Across the world, there are 25 startup ecosystems with an Ecosystem Value above $10 billion each, adding up to nearly $1 trillion in economic value. Additionally, 57 startup ecosystems boast an Ecosystem Value between $1 billion and $10 billion, creating thousands of jobs and billions in economic productivity. Through altruistic capitalism—wealth is successfully distributed to entrepreneurs, who then share with their team to create a flourishing startup ecosystem.” —Gregory Shepard, CEO, BOSS Capital Partners

BOSS (Business Operating Support System)

Gregory Shepard, CEO and co-founder of BOSS Capital Partners is the creator of BOSS (Business Operating Support System), an open-source business operating system based on his 20+ years of entrepreneurial and investor experience. BOSS was developed to give entrepreneurs a guided process to grow, scale, and exit a business profitably. BOSS is both a methodology and operating system that guides your business using the BOSS Principles, through a battle-tested process to grow, scale, and exit your business. Entrepreneurs can manage every aspect of their business from funding through strategy to functional area operations and even exit planning.

BOSS is prescriptive, methodically guiding your business through the “5 phases of BOSS,” while allowing your team to execute day-to-day tasks faster and more efficiently. The BOSS movement is transforming San Diego startups into focused, actionable metrics-driven businesses with a clean plan, improving their ability to raise money and exit profitably.

Gregory Shepard CEO and co-founder of BOSS Capital Partners
Gregory Shepard lives in San Diego with his wife and two younger children, while his eldest daughter forges her own entrepreneur path in Denver, CO. In his free time Greg enjoys living life to its fullest. Greg has been very active in the San Diego community, from delivering keynotes at San Diego Startup Week & San Diego Tech Innovation Council to running in the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon; Greg seeks challenges to show those like him that it is possible to realize what we previously thought impossible.

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