BOAST Groupware

Designed to help small and medium-sized organizations improve operational efficiencies and increase employee satisfaction




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What is BOAST Groupware?
B.O.A.S.T.—is designed to help small and medium-sized organizations improve operational efficiencies and increase employee satisfaction. The BOAST platform is intuitive technology built to transform the way we all work by organizing multiple aspects of your business operations into a single, easy to use platform. BOAST groupware was developed to simplify your business and your IT by integrating all of your critical business operations into one platform—with one predictable price.

When your software communicates; so do your people.
Real-time collaboration between departments isn’t something that you should only dream of. With our cloud-based, all-in-one software, you can replace some or all of your current apps or integrate them with BOAST for added functionality. So that all of your colleagues, and even your clients, are on the same pag —even when they’re not in the same location.

Buying individual applications that do one thing with features you don’t use or need is a thing of the past.
If you’re like most mid-sized businesses, you probably use up to 20 different apps to help with your daily operations—each with their own licensing fees and administrative headaches. That’s the old way of buying and utilizing software. With one decision BOAST puts you in the cloud with all the things you need in one place.

Increase your productivity. Improve employee morale.
The workday is busy enough without having to sign on to multiple applications, manage and remember unique passwords and toggle between screens. With BOAST groupware, you simply sign on once and access everything you need. So you can spend more time actually doing your work and less time trying to manage, share, and track it.

• Manage documents and control versions
• Chat and message colleagues and clients
• Create, track, and resolve issues
• Collaborate with your team anytime, from anywhere
• Capture receipts, submit expenses, and track time
• Access and share full documents, not just links
• Manage sales opportunities throughout the funnel

Software all in one place, for businesses on the move.
Business doesn’t just happen within your four walls between the hours of nine and five. With BOAST groupware, you can access all of your business operations and efficiently run your business anytime, from anywhere. So you always know what your employees are working on, what’s in the pipeline, and when you’ll need to staff up. This single platform delivers more functionality than more than two dozen of the most popular business operation apps, resulting in a significantly lower investment and a bigger return on it.

• Increase collaboration, teamwork, and transparency
• Ensure seamless visibility across functions
• Provide easily accessible employee training programs
• View employee time off and plan for back-up
• Improve company-wide productivity
• Decrease licensing and IT expenses
• Increase employee satisfaction and morale
• Add robust reporting and data integration functionality

Streamline your processes, improve company-wide productivity and increase profits with BOAST.

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