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Do you work in construction, transport or logistics, or are you a manager or manager in one of these sectors? Then safety training has no secrets for you. From transport and logistics training to health training, from road codes and freight documents to training with rolling bridges, excavators and fire extinguishers: you are required by law to successfully complete safety trainings. When you obtain a certificate or attestation, you can get started with peace of mind.


Or not? Do you find that this is not enough? Don’t your employees’ noses point in the same direction when it comes to safety? Or do accidents still happen too often? In that case, you need guidance that suits your employees and enables you to achieve success together. In this article you can read how BLUE & WHITE (formerly known as NOA Academy) can help you with this.

BLUE & WHITE works with you on sustainable growth.

The mandatory safety training courses, where the necessary hard skills are worked on, are only one way to build a safe working environment. The other way runs along the soft competencies: communication and reflection, leadership, value-oriented (collaborative) working, and so on.

Just as you call on a specialized company for the mandatory training courses, it is also best to consult an expert for these courses.

That expert is not the one who waves a finger or condemns you. On the contrary, he takes the time to get to know you, maps out and confirms what is going well but also exposes the pain points. He does this in all honesty and with understanding for the points of view of managers and employees – the “blue and white collars”.

“At BLUE & WHITE, our task starts when the certificates have been distributed. It is our mission to achieve sustainable growth by bringing business managers, managers and staff closer together and letting them work towards one common goal: the success of their company.”


GROW: the basic philosophy of BLUE & WHITE
“From a one-off workshop to a long-term process, we always strive for sustainable growth.”

The credo GROW! is the basic philosophy of BLUE & WHITE. It is also the foundation of any guidance trajectory or training.

GROW! refers to the end goal that BLUE & WHITE has in mind. Whether it is a workshop or a long-term process, the goal is for sustainable, professional and personal growth.

GROW! stands for four values that are a prerequisite for sustainable growth:

1. Granting: only when you grant each other happiness and success, you come to a collaboration that takes your team and company to a higher level.

2. Respect: it is by giving respect that you will earn respect.

3. hOnesty: the basic condition for long-term sustainable cooperation, in addition to honesty and authenticity.

4. Willing: only if everyone involved has the will, there is also a way.


Towards a supported safety culture with BLUE & WHITE Based on the GROW! philosophy, BLUE & WHITE developed a complete offering for management and employees – for the blue and white collars. BLUE & WHITE consciously focusses on both groups distinguishing itself from other training centers that mainly focus on the white collars.


Because sustainable successes only arise from collaboration, they place people and the team at the center of their offerings without sacrificing impact. They bring people together and work towards common goals. They do this with an offering that they have built around a few central pillars. We explain the four most important ones:

1. Safety culture
A successful business needs a safety culture supported by the blue and white collars. That’s a culture where people are intrinsically motivated to avoid risks and take care of each other. This concerns both psychological and physical safety. Involvement and recognition are of great importance.

2. Leadership
To achieve success in a safe working environment, everyone must be on the same page. And that requires good leadership. A good leader builds trust and connection and creates a climate in which growth and well-being are central to involvement and recognition.

3. Communication & self-reflection
Clear and transparent communication are essential building blocks of good leadership. But employees also have every interest in communicating clearly. That starts with self-reflection. By gaining insight into your own professional identity, you can also gain insight into the position of others and communicate effectively and empathically.

4. Value-driven (collaborative) working
Values are the basis of all this. You can only communicate well and in a targeted way, lead and work on a safety culture if you do so based on your values. So you have to make it explicit and follow it. These values are the compass of your team and your company.

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