Is changing the way businesses communicate with full service, reliable blockchain system integrations. By completely reimagining the world of blockchain integration through their seamless APIbased software, BlockSpaces Connect, in beta 2021




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BlockSpaces believes in a future where every business will transact with more trust, transparency and security. Our mission is to blockchain-enable traditional business applications to leverage the unique features and benefits that various enterprise blockchain networks provide. Through our B2B integration platform, we manage blockchain connections, data flow and configurations, so our customers can plug-and-play into any existing system. BlockSpaces is simplifying the blockchain integration experience for all business applications and use cases.

Large enterprise companies have deployed blockchain networks and are realizing significant ROI as they streamline their operations, but these networks require participation of a network of business ecosystem participants to realize their full potential. Due to a variety of barriers, mid-market participants in the ecosystem in particular are falling into the gap of this technology adoption curve. This stifles the growth of these networks for all businesses The BlockSpaces Connect platform allows the easy integration of enterprise applications and blockchain networks and hides the complexities associated with managing blockchain technology in a business environment.

“We know every participant in a blockchain network needs to colver on the promise of the transparency and trust this technology provides across whalaborate and share transactions in order to delit we know will be a multi-blockchain world” said Rosa Shores, BlockSpaces Co-Founder/CEO. “How these multiple blockchains will come together, co-exist and share data in a business setting is a challenge that is further compounded when companies lack the budget and know how to implement and manage this emerging technology. We want to be the solution for business leaders and enterprise developers who need to connect to a blockchain but aren’t sure how to execute with their existing resources.”

BlockSpaces grew organically from a series of blockchain and cryptocurrency related meetups that were started in Tampa Bay by co founders Rosa Shores and Gabe Higgins in late 2013. The space, which began as a block -chain startup innovation hub, started focusing on custom development and enterprise consultancy in 2018.

Today, The team remains actively involved in both legislative and community affairs that impact the technology, through work with the Florida Blockchain Business Association, the Florida Blockchain Task Force.

BlockSpaces is an IBM registered business partner, an R3 Corda technology partner, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, and is a registered software vendor with both the state of Florida and University of South Florida. The team remains actively involved in both legislative and community affairs that impact blockchain technology, through work with the Florida Blockchain Business Association, the Florida Block-chain Task Force and as a member of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Ag Innovation Workgroup to examine cutting-edge opportunities for Florida’s sustainable agribusiness.

BlockSpaces has received recognition as Tampa Bay Inno on Fire company 2 years in a row, and was recently named as one of Tampa Bay’s 21 StartUps to Watch in 2021, as well as a selected presenter for Florida Venture Forum 2020. The company closed a $1.2M seed round of funding in March 2021 that brought together local heavy hitter tech investors as well as Silicon Valley venture capitalists, and became the first woman led blockchain startup in Florida to raise over $1M in investment capital.

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