Bleachr LLC

Elevates the fan experience through innovative, game-changing mobile sports apps




Bleachr LLC elevates the fan experience through innovative, game-changing mobile sports apps.

Our BleachrONE white-label app platform provides the most comprehensive mobile fan solution for sports organizations and their sponsors. Our tech stack adapts easily across multiple sports verticals with a highly customizable user interface.

Brad & Kristin Geer, Founders

The BleachrONE product is designed to solve the challenges facing every sports organization in the digital age across the full fan experience life cycle: 1) acquisition, 2) engagement, 3) monetization, and 4) retention. Additionally, we’ve designed each feature set as optional plug-and-play integrations for clients who may be looking to round out existing apps. Most importantly, our gamification tools capture valuable Fan 360° profile data, which gives our partners actionable insight into their target audience.

Sports organizations struggle to connect with fans in the mobile era. Shorter attention spans, and a shift in how fans choose to receive their information, greatly impact the traditional sports business model. Bleachr tackles the challenge of engaging fans in innovative ways through gamification that helps sports organizations incentivize fan attendance and participation.


Sports fans expect to find everything they need in one mobile app, and the BleachrONE white-label app platform artfully provides that. Our goal is to be an innovator in the sports tech space, continually seeking new ways to elevate the mobile fan experience with the most robust app platform on the market. We go beyond the typical sports app utility features of live scores, draws, players, schedule, and news. Our product includes a patented geofenced fan engine with a proven loyalty rewards program; data engine with gamification to entertain the fan while gathering valuable Fan 360° data; commerce engine for ticket sales, merchandise orders, and in-seat concession deliveries; and a player & volunteer engine that works as a valuable scheduling and communication tool.

Our white label app products are highly customizable and offer an affordable solution to sports organizations of varying sizes. Additionally, we have developed our feature sets as independent modules that can be licensed to sports organizations that may already have a mobile app but are looking for ways to increase their offerings to fans.


Co-founded by Brad & Kristin Geer in 2013, Bleachr LLC has since grown to a team of more than 30 agile tech ninjas, based in Minneapolis. We are proud of the highly skilled team we’ve been able to build, despite a tight labor market in the highly competitive tech industry. Rather than outsource our tech needs to various low-cost overseas labor markets, we’ve committed to hiring a diverse group of talented individuals, based here in Minnesota.

Since our first app launch with the St. Paul Saints in 2015, we have made significant strides in the tennis and college sports verticals. We produce apps for the majority of US Open Series tournaments and other prestigious  world-class tennis events, including the Rolex Paris Masters Miami Open and Swiss Open Gstaad. We’re proud to have been ranked the No. 1 sports  app in Canada two years in a row during the Rogers Cup. Some of our largest college clients include Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, San Diego State, University of Miami, Tarleton, & Temple.


Our target client partners are professional and college-level sports organizations looking to increase revenue and engage their fan base in the mobile space. We’ve proven our performance in tennis, independent baseball, and college sports verticals, but see many opportunities in other verticals as we continue to scale.

With the growth in our white-label TennisONE sales vertical, we’ve been able to capture a critical mass of  fans and also recognized a need to connect with them beyond an individual tournament. As a result, we’ve created a year-round hub for tennis fans that allows us to further engage and monetize through sponsorships, ticket sales, and social games.

Our mission is to be a noticeable disruptor in the sports tech space by bringing increased value to client partners and sponsors, helping them further connect with the mobile generation, and elevating the overall mobile sports fan experience.


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