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Blackrock Microsystems is a Utah-based world-leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of electrodes, electronics, software, and surgical tools for use in the fields of neuroscience, neural-engineering, and neuro-prosthetics.

Professor Florian Solzbacher Co-founder, Chairman & President - Marcus Gerhardt Co-founder, CEO & CFO

Blackrock Microsystems empowers researchers throughout the world by providing tools to find life-changing solutions in neuroscience and expand our knowledge of the brain.

Current and future human applications include reconnecting neural signals to restore function in tetraplegics, paraplegics and amputees as well as improve research results for neurological conditions such as epilepsy, paralysis, memory loss, and more.

Blackrock Microsystems’ innovations are pushing the neuroscience research industry forward faster.

Researchers can record and stimulate activities in the brain of rodents, primates, and humans to gather accurate data and determine an underlying basis for solutions to neurological disorders. Blackrock’s Utah Array, a microelectrode array that is implantable on the surface of the brain, is the benchmark product in the neuroscience industry with the ability to tap into, record and stimulate the brain.

It has been at the core of leading discoveries in modern neuroscience to the extent that President Barack Obama referenced it directly in his 2015 State of the Union Address. Due to its name, the Utah Array contributes to the state’s reputation of being a hub for education and science.

The company’s superior achievements in the field of neuroscience research equipment are based on fostering close relationships with neuroscientists around the world. Blackrock collaborates with neuroscientists through product customization centered around their research.

  The constant exchange of ideas enables Blackrock to develop solutions with real impact on solving research challenges.

Blackrock Microsystems represents a strong, Utah-based spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation with leading researchers worldwide and is proud to be an industry leader in neuroscience.

The Blackrock Microsystems team at the Society for Neuroscience conference with BCI Pioneers (L-R: Johnny Matheny, Nathan Copeland, Buz Chmielewski, and Ian Burkhart).

Blackrock Microsystems

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