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The name BioNotus was given to indicate ‘what is known’ (in Latin: notus) by bioanalysis. It all started with bioanalysis in Q2 2017. BioNotus’ founders Johan Van Daele and Pieter Annaert are best friends since their time (1989 onwards) as pharmacy students at KU Leuven.


Until 2017 they both developed their unique career paths. Johan rejuvenated his mother’s pharmacy and specialized in developing and improving innovative formulations prepared in the pharmacy. He also acquired the skills of entrepreneurship and marketing as partner in Carl&Johan. Pieter followed a mixed path between academia and pharmaceutical industry and is currently Full professor and Chair of the KU Leuven Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences.

The need to professionalize bioanalytical support and to offer adequate capacity to clinical researchers in academic hospitals was the initial trigger to found BioNotus. But above all, Johan and Pieter wanted to have fun and enjoy applying and disseminating their complementary skills and knowledge. They have the continued vision to help researchers in need of affordable bioanalytical capabilities with acceptable timelines.

Offering fit-for-purpose solutions is BioNotus’ legacy. BioNotus is nowadays blessed with talented scientists in the fields of Bioanalysis, Pharmacometrics (PMX) and In-vitro ADMET* evaluation. The PMX pillar resulted from the customer requests following bioanalytical services, fulfilling the critical step of turning data into actionable insights. BioNotus now has PMX experience both with the classical top-down and more physiologically relevant bottom-up computational approaches. And from Pieter’s academic habitat, the decades of expertise in the field of in vitro ADMET testing has seamlessly integrated in BioNotus’ portfolio of capabilities. It follows that BioNotus offers a spectrum of drug development services across the drug life cycle, covering both discoveries as well as preclinical and clinical research services.

It goes without saying that the solid anchorage within BioNotus of hands-on expertise in these diverse domains is a unique advantage, positioning BioNotus as a preferred partner not only for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry but also for academic hospitals.

Bart Lammens, Johan Van Daele, Yeghig Armoudjian, Pieter Annaert and Qi Lin

BioNotus pursues to further exploit its integrated expertise in bioanalysis, PMX and in vitro ADMET to increasingly serve customers with their most demanding projects. BioNotus wants to act as an expert consultant with a lab. Especially in the field of PMX, which is a sweet spot for BioNotus, the evolution is extremely rapid, and BioNotus is poised to strengthen its position at the PMX forefront.

BioNotus is your innovative drug development solutions company, with friendly links to a vast network of global partners. BioNotus will continue to offer a growing spectrum of tailored solutions, thus expediting the drug discovery and development programs of the future. For BioNotus and its customers, the future is now.

* ADMET stands for Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity [evaluation], which is one of the cornerstones during the development of new medicines.


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