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Innovating for a resilient and adaptive bio-food system

Founded in 2018, the Center for Bio-food and Environmental Innovation, Bio.Enviro.In, is affiliated with the Cégep de Lanaudière à Joliette, an educational and technical college. It has developed extensive expertise in the bio-food sector, from the field to the consumer’s plate and food processing. While integrating into the socio-economic context of one of Quebec’s most important regions in the bio-food sector, our center has made its mission to promote and participate in the growth of companies and organizations through innovation in a global perspective of sustainable development.

Bio.Environ.In offers applied research services related to environmental protection and the principles of a circular economy, in addition to technical support and expertise to companies and organizations in the bio-food sector. Our research centre supports them in adopting rational use of inputs and responsible management of the organic waste generated during production. The integration of technological tools is a spearhead allowing companies to adhere to the trending technological advancements to mitigate the impact of climate change and the labour shortage that is felt more than ever in this sector.

Though recently created, Bio.Environ.In has integrated into the regional bio-food system by establishing partnerships and collaborations permitting the realization of concrete projects arising from the needs of regional, provincial, national and international companies and organizations. This collaborative network promotes the emergence of a global synergic and innovative vision related to society’s economic, social and environmental aspects.

Being affiliated with an educational institution, Bio.Environ.In is committed to developing a culture of innovation that includes research professors and college students to help prepare tomorrow’s qualified labour and decisionmakers in this sector.


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