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Many people want their jewellery to remind them of a special moment in their lives. But the jewel they end up with is often one they came across randomly in a shop. We believe that a piece of jewellery only becomes truly lasting and unique when its very creation is inspired by that special occasion.

By giving or wearing a Bila jewel, you are continuously reminded of a state of mind that moves you. This creates an immense value: you have something very personal, something that no one else can buy.
With the ‘Personal Design Experience’ the customer creates a masterpiece together with the designer. The process begins with a few targeted questions.

People are brilliant and create masterpieces if you ask them the right questions and really listen to them

- Caroline Bila of Bila Jewelart.

A couple who choose wedding rings that slide into each other. He is not allowed to wear jewellery at work. Now he can leave his ring with her.

Grandparents for whom the design process was a wonderful experience they enjoyed with their grandchildren and who designed jewellery that lasts for generations.

Architects who give their contractors cufflinks with the Antwerp skyline on them: old Antwerp on one cufflink and the new skyline they are building on the other.

A best man who gives a groom cufflinks with his future wife’s fingerprints. At the back he embedded Alexandrite and desert sand of the Marathon des Sables they ran together.

A mother who carries the fingerprints of her deceased son close to her. This gives her the courage and strength to grieve.

A man who really wants to make an impact with a custom-made engagement ring that speaks a thousand times more than the most beautiful love letter.

A woman who gives her husband (who does not wear jewellery) a handmade belt with a beautiful text inside, finished with a fully personalised buckle.

A man who choose to wear a wedding ring on his watch because he is a watch collector and does not wear rings.

Caroline Bila, the woman behind this concept, sees endless possibilities and does not stop until everything is just right. The jewel must evoke the right mindset and the design must be spot-on. She goes further than anyone else to achieve the exceptional. For her projects, Caroline often works out new techniques, which give the most refined results. She also collaborates with experts in Belgium and abroad in leather craftsmanship, heraldry and family arms, lapidary art, woodworking, exclusive gemstones and more.

Caroline Bila is able to let the jewel speak for itself, if in all grandeur or in all simplicity. She makes sure every piece fits the wearer and matches her or his story. Bila Jewelart is a unique concept. Bila Jewelart – Jewel Design Inspired by Your Story. During her training as psychologist, she studied jewellery design at the Academy Roger Avermaete and later qualified herself further as a jeweller-goldsmith. She then made her way into the business world, exploring other paths. But realizing she missed the real conversations with people and her creative outlet, Caroline decided to leave the corporate world behind and to focus on designing jewellery that connects with important events in the lives of people around her.


A true symbol of the diamond trade, Antwerp has been home to jewellers and diamond merchants since the sixteenth century. Approximately eight out of ten diamonds in the world pass through Antwerp at least once in their lifetime. Today, it is choked by franchised shopping chains that appear everywhere
and produce confection jewellery with little variation. Yet now more than ever, people are looking for distinctiveness, for something that moves them, for something unique. In today’s Antwerp, a designer like Caroline Bila is more welcome than ever. She represents expertise, style and essence. She also pushes for innovation, knowing that this is what people want.

In this context, Caroline revived the age-old Japanese forging technique mokume gane. She brought heraldic master engravings back to Belgium. Her concept has proven to be a huge asset on the international. Nothing is more appealing for a London gentlemen’s club than ‘Antwerp Fine Jewellery’, or more specifically, a classy cachet ring made in Antwerp with traditional knowhow.

Mr V.: Finally a place with real attentiveness for you. Walking into a jewellery shop and buying a piece of jewellery is a first-level luxury experience for me. This goes so much further, Bila Jewelart is the ultimate treat!’
Mrs S.: ‘So special to be able to carry my husband close in this way. It is exceptionally beautiful and unique how this piece gives me warm thoughts and strength.’
Sarah & Yves : “You’re not just wearing jewellery, but a beautiful memory, a warm story, something unique from someone you want to cherish.”
Emmanuel : ‘It is simply phenomenal how I can prompt all the right thoughts by looking at this man’s cuff.’
Raphael : ‘Most men like me find it extremely difficult to give a woman a beautiful piece of jewellery. Thanks to Caroline’s approach and her personality, this came naturally. I was able to propose to my wife with a sensational ring and story.’

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