BigCommerce-An Online E-Commerce Platform That Provides The Technology For Brands And Retailers To Sell Products Online.




BigCommerce is an online e-commerce platform that provides the technology for brands and retailers to sell products online.


Consumers today love to shop online – so much so that e-commerce accounted for 14.3% of total US retail sales in 2018. We rely on online stores for a fast and convenient shopping experience, but few people stop to consider the technology behind the scenes that makes it possible.

That’s where BigCommerce comes in.

As one of the most popular platforms used globally, BigCommerce provides merchants of all sizes –
from new startups to multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 corporations – the technology with which their online stores are created, hosted and operated. Its software-as-a-service model means that BigCommerce manages the software and hardware, allowing its customers to focus on what they do best: branding, selling, and serving customers. It also claims to reduce financial and operating costs by 75%, relative to traditionally-managed software.


BigCommerce doesn’t stop at the online storefront. Ecommerce today is an omnichannel experience. Shoppers often hop from site to site, interacting with search engines, content sites, social media, Amazon and eBay, online stores, and maybe even a physical location, before ever completing a purchase. BigCommerce connects its customers’ online stores with all of these channels, which helps extend the merchants’ reach to wherever their customers shop, thereby greatly increasing brand presence, customer acquisition, and cross-channel sales.

As BigCommerce celebrates its 10th year in business, it is focused on delivering the world’s best e-commerce technology to a global customer base that grows every year in size, diversity, and sophistication.

“BigCommerce competes at the leading edge of e-commerce functionality, performance, and innovation. We enable our merchants to create incredible online stores, operate them with ease and low cost, and sell globally across channels. With a single platform that powers more than 60,000 stores simultaneously, we deliver daily product enhancements that keep our customers at the forefront of e-commerce innovation. In the coming years, we aspire to shape the evolution of e-commerce as it grows toward 20% or more of total consumer and business spending,” said Brent Bellm, CEO at BigCommerce.

BigCommerce in Austin
Over the last decade, BigCommerce has grown exponentially. What began as a small startup in Sydney, Australia, has since evolved into a global company with tens of thousands of customers in more than 120 countries, including dozens of Fortune 1000 retailers.

Just a year after launch, responding to explosive growth in the U.S., BigCommerce’s founders made the decision to move the company’s headquarters from Sydney to Austin. They picked Austin over other tech hubs like the Bay Area because its friendly, supportive culture felt great coming from Australia, and they instinctively knew Austin was where they needed to be. The Austin headquarters today houses the majority of BigCommerce’s 600+ employees, but the company is expanding rapidly, with global offices in London, San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney.

“We are incredibly proud to call Austin home. This city is something special. Not only does the community encapsulate the ethos BigCommerce tries to create within our own merchant base – passionate, hardworking, and collaborative – Austin is home to top tech and creative talent. Why would you want to be anywhere else?” said Robert Alvarez, COO, and CFO for BigCommerce.

A 10-year fixture of the Austin tech community, BigCommerce has been named a Top Workplace by the Austin American-Statesman seven consecutive times, is a six-time recipient of the Austin Business Journal’s Best Place to Work award, and has been included in the BuiltIn Austin 100 Best Places to Work list.

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