> BIG GORILLA DESIGN-Is An Award-Winning Digital Agency That Helps Small, Medium And Enterprise-Sized Companies Reach Their Objectives And Grow Their Brands

Big Gorilla Design is an award-winning digital agency that helps small, medium and enterprise-sized companies reach their objectives and grow their brands. Innovative, creative, out-of-the-box thinking, along with data-driven research, advanced technology and some savvy strategy have been the winning combination that’s driven both the agency’s and their clients’ success.

Founded in 2010, Big Gorilla is currently on a growth trajectory, having just opened their second office in San Antonio. With a list of clients ranging from national corporations & organizations to startups to niche e-commerce stores and local businesses, the agency says it gets a lot of its business from referrals and repeat clients. “Our clients like the more intimate approach we embody, and our creativity. They like that we spend time getting to know them, and doing so helps us shape the best plans and strategy for them. It also lets us see where their strengths and weaknesses lie before we even embark on a marketing plan or new web design or whatever the goal may be. They also like that our team delivers,” says Founder and Creative Director, Monica Sirignano.

“When we take on a new client and take over their marketing, on average we double their profits within the first year.”

But that also makes them selective about the clients they take on. “We have a great, creative team with some of the top talent in the area, but we’re a boutique agency, so we’re smaller. Having a tight-knit team helps in terms of efficiency and a creative symbiosis, and our size allows us to work very closely with our clients. We’re growing, but we don’t want to lose that aspect either, so we’re selective about who we work with, in order to ensure we can always provide our clients with best-in-class service and results,” says Co-Founder, Dave Bower.

The Big Gorilla team consists of a talented crew of web designers & developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, marketing & advertising specialists, writers, photographers, videographers and all-around creative thinkers, whose creative juices, experience and knowledge have one end goal in mind: to make your business thrive. Add to that mix one very special gorilla, the one named BIG that you’ll find on their website.

“We’re often asked where our name Big Gorilla Design comes from. Originally, it was meant to be a take on guerrilla marketing. And then I think we were inspired one day when we were at the zoo and there was this huge gorilla just playing to us like a showman, almost marketing himself. We liked the idea of the Big Gorilla, becoming the Big Gorilla, as we still work with a lot of startups and enjoy helping smaller companies grow. So the idea behind it was growth, and then, you know the gorilla just became a fun character to play off of,” says Monica.

“Or maybe we were just doing our part to Keep Austin Weird,” adds Dave.

Dave and Monica aren’t just business partners; they’re a husband and wife team. Together they’ve managed to grow their company from a small design agency into being named one of the Top Creative & Digital Agencies in not just Austin, but the U.S. As to whether they’re planning to expand beyond their second office in San Antonio: “We may continue expanding into other cities over time,” says Dave. “Right now, we’re good with the two cities. We work with companies all over the U.S. and some internationally, but we like having our base in the heart of such an innovative city like Austin.”

Big Gorilla Design

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