Bevoy Has Developed A Series Of Home Tests That Indicate What Needs And Deficiencies Your Body Has. For This, They Joined Forces With Laboratories, Scientists And Nutritionists. The Result: Personalized Advice For A Healthy Lifestyle Based On Your Dna, Blood And Microbiome.




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Bevoy (acronym for “best version of yourself”) allows you to order a home test kit online and take a blood, microbiome, or DNA sample at home following the instructions provided. You then send that sample to a partner laboratory and after analysis you can consult your personal results directly via an online platform. The results are accompanied by advice and tips that allow you to know which foods and sports are most effective in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Bevoy offers a holistic view of preventive health. Take care of your health now, your future self will be thankful!

Bevoy is different from standard healthcare since usually you would only discover a vitamine D deficiency after a doctor’s visit because you’ve experienced symptoms like muscle weakness and fatigue for example. With Bevoy you can take control of your health and test yourself whenever you want. The interesting part is that Bevoy can tell you exactly which and how much food supplements you need for a healthy intake. Not a redundant luxury when you know that 20% of the world’s adult population dies from the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Lothar De Keyne, Co-Founder

Christophe Ballet, Co-Founder

What’s also unique about Bevoy is its cross-data intelligence. You get the most effective advice by taking into account the results of multiple tests. Two people with the same problem need different preventive advice to effectively achieve their health goal. For example, your weight control is influenced by your lifestyle (too many calories, too little exercise), the bacteria in your intestines (ratio of Bacteriodiets to Firmicutes) and your DNA (eg. FTO, PPARG, MTIF3 and ADIPOQ genes) which in turn influence your blood values (eg. cholesterol). By mapping the links between the various biomarkers, Bevoy sees that two people with the same goal, ‘weight control’, have to work towards that goal in a different way. For example, one person needs to eat more resistant starch for an adjustment in their microbiome, while the other benefits most from reducing sugars.

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