VIRTUAL REALITY- A Powerful Tool for Connection and Compassion

Expanding Human Awareness Through the Design and Delivery of Fantastic Experiences.

As a boy, I fell in love with the world of video games. I appreciated the fact that this new hobby of mine had boundaries and rules that could be learned that were always consistent. Soon, I began delving deeper into these boundaries and rules by learning how to code. I spent endless hours exploring Basic on my family’s clunky IBM XT. Later on, I was introduced to another chapter in my digital journey: the emerging sector of virtual reality.

I became interested in how this technology could be used to connect and unite people with one another. In corporate settings connection and engagement are often sorely lacking, resulting in employees working far below their maximum potential. My passion for expanding human awareness and personal transformation led me to merge my professional experiences in team building and leadership with my native abilities in technology. Better Than Unicorns is the result of that merger, using virtual reality to foster empathy and connection in the workplace.

Virtual reality is an essential tool for building compassion and expanding awareness about how we relate to failing and learning from those moments. Better Than Unicorns is consistently dedicated to unlocking cooperation and innovation through the power of play. Our virtual reality sessions utilize reflective conversations to uncover how members of a team are best able to cooperate and engage with one another, thus
strengthening interpersonal bonds and eventually contributing to the formation of a cohesive corporate culture. With decades of experience in the virtual reality field, we’ve attracted partners such as Coca-Cola and GE Aviation, and we are always looking to forge bonds with other cutting-edge organizations. Here at our organization, we consider ourselves to be innovators, especially when it comes to team-building in the workplace.

In fact, innovation in this field is central to this company’s mission. In our current collaboration with Elventus, we are using esports and virtual reality esports to enhance player performance in the burgeoning esports industry while maintaining their mental health.

Together Better Than Unicorns and Elventus tap into virtual reality’s unique ability to both expedite players’ learning yet still emphasize their physical and mental health. Through our focus on the human aspects of high-level competition, we will radiate as a beacon of compassion and balance in this blossoming industry where both are sorely needed. We facilitate teams to discover more about how they best collaborate by giving them space to face great challenges and discomfort in a safe, supportive environment. The fact that our services are geared around allowing people to wrestle with difficulty, and even failure, is practically revolutionary in a corporate world where only success and results are rewarded and vulnerability is shunned.


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