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Today, over 1 million veterans live in poverty, and among non-veterans, young adults aged 18-24 have the highest rates of poverty than any other age group.

NPower is a premier tech training nonprofit on a mission to build pathways to prosperity for our students.

At NPower, we are all about ACTION. We meet young adults and veterans where they are. We surround them with coaching, support and love, and they commit to a rigorous 23-week tech training and internship program. We identify and develop resilient talent who become amazing employees at Fortune 100 companies. In the process, we are transforming lives, families, and communities.

Our proven model provides FREE training for the technology skills the industry demands, IT certifications and paid internship experience. We engage businesses, volunteers, and nonprofits in the long-term success of our students. Through wrap-around social service support, we remove the social and emotional barriers hindering our students from obtaining these skills. And our ongoing professional development ensures our students are well-equipped to launch and flourish in a career—not just a job.

Our results speak for themselves. Eighty percent of our graduates land a job in tech or decide to continue their education. Our students are among the most diverse in the industry. 74% of our graduates are Black or Latinx, 30% are women and 40% are veterans. NPower’s non-traditional talent is the solution to diversifying your workforce and addressing the domestic tech skills gap.

Quster Bicar is a young mother who was looking to make ends meet for her family, working as a cashier. After completing her Tech Fundamentals training and obtaining her ITF+ and ITIL certifications, she obtained a life-changing opportunity with Verizon as a UX Designer. She has transformed her life through hard work, dedication, and assistance from NPower.

Quster Bicar, NPower Graduate System Engineer, Verizon

“I knew that I wanted a career in tech but didn’t know how to pursue it. I found NPower! Without NPower, I probably would still be working a dead-end job, barely making ends meet, but now I am a UX designer. I am forever thankful!” – Quster Bicar

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