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Wireless Innovation from the start

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS) is a privately owned family business and known as an engineering think tank delivering custom wireless RF(Radio Frequency) engineering products and solutions since 1972. BVS clients range from NASA to many Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small entrepreneurs looking for rapid development and prototyping of an idea. Our word of mouth and repeat business is fueled by our reputation of treating the customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and delivering every engineering specification as promised.

Over 7,500 PocketHound™ covert phone detectors sold to law enforcement around the world.

Gator™ and Tortoise™ became top selling stimulus transmitters used for massive cellular network build-out.”

Explosion of ideas

Back in 1972 in Berkeley Heights, NJ, BVS founder and CTO, Gary Schober, began to assemble a team of expert RF hardware and software engineers. This team has led BVS to many innovations including the first wireless link used to monitor artificial hearts, remote monitoring systems for Pepsi vending machines and even the design (over 30 unique instruments) and delivery (over 6,000 units) of cellular test devices used in the U.S. cellular network buildout in the late 80s.

Since 1990, BVS has been designing, manufacturing and shipping our own branded products all from our headquarters in Metuchen, NJ. Over the years, the entire catalog has grown to some 200 unique products consisting of wireless test, security, safety and cybersecurity solutions including stimulus transmitters, cell phone detection solutions and cybersecurity training and education.

This vast array of products and categories allows BVS to serve government, corporate, military, law enforcement, correctional, telecom and transportation industries by leveraging decades of wireless and manufacturing expertise into every project and product we ship.

World class achievements

Back when the cellular industry was poised to transition their networks from analog to digital, BVS responded with the Gator™ stimulus transmitter. Gator™ became the top-selling transmitter in the world due to its ruggedness, lightweight and reliability and established BVS as a world class innovator of wireless test products. The Tortoise™ multi-band transmitter followed soon after bringing Gator’s industry-leading build quality along with new custom modulation schemes to meet the demands of the expanding telecom industry.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. is family-owned, headquartered in Metuchen, NJ and has delivered wireless innovation since 1972.

Hacked Again and Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business have sold thousands of copies and receive critical acclaim from cybersecurity experts.

As smartphones became ubiquitous, the need to detect and locate them grew. This led BVS to develop PocketHound™, the industry’s most sensitive covert phone detector. To date, BVS has sold thousands of PocketHounds to law enforcement, universities and correctional facilities around the world and has established themselves as a leader in wireless security.

In 2010, BVS developed a cellular detection system for mass transit in order to detect and curb smartphone use by distracted operators. To date, TransitHound™ has been deployed in over 10,000 locomotives by some of the railway industry’s largest companies.

TransitHound has already detected and alerted authorities to many distracted railway and heavy machinery operators potentially saving lives and further solidifiying the reputation of BVS as a wireless safety innovator.

In response to massive data breaches and cyber attacks against small businesses and consumers, BVS CEO and President, Scott Schober, embarked on campaign to educate and arm customers with cybersecurity solutions. In 2016, Scott alongside is younger brother and VP of BVS, Craig, wrote Hacked Again and followed that book up with Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business in 2019.

Both books have been strongly embraced by the cybersecurity community and have even become part of academic security curriculum in universities. In addition, BVS has recently unveiled Skim Scan™ and BlueSleuth™ products in order to combat the widespread problems of card skimming and resulting identity theft.

Technical Capabilities

BVS specializes in RF design with a diverse set of capabilities that attracts customers from a variety of industries. We can take something from concept to finished product and any stage in between including circuit design, PCB layout, prototyping, software development, small production runs and full testing capabilities as well as precision machining using (2) Haas vertical milling machines, (3) Bridgeport CNC vertical mills and a lathe all on the premises.

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