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Redefines What’s Possible With Product Design, Engineering, Technology And Advanced Manufacturing

Benchmark redefines what’s possible with product design, engineering, technology and advanced manufacturing–from ideas to innovation.

The company’s mission is to be their customers’ trusted partner; providing comprehensive solutions across the entire product lifecycle; leading through their innovative technology and engineering design services; leveraging their optimized global supply chain; and delivering world-class manufacturing services.

The company strives for a culture of innovation, operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Innovation Story

Benchmark was founded in Clute, Texas in 1979 as a subsidiary to Intermedics. Formerly known as Electronics Inc., the company solely operated in the medical technology space. However, Benchmark has since transformed from a small subsidiary into a global powerhouse that serves a range of diverse markets. At its core, Benchmark is a technology solutions provider for the medical, commercial aerospace and defense, computing and data center, next-gen telco, industrial, and test and instrumentation markets.

With locations across the Americas, Europe and Asia, Benchmark consistently delivers the highest level of market-focused services and solutions wherever customers need them. The company has strategically located design engineering centers in each key region and full precision mechanical manufacturing capabilities in the Americas and Asia. Benchmark currently has 27 locations worldwide.

Benchmark doesn’t sell products—it works with other companies and individuals looking to solve a unique challenge. The company partners with its customers to understand their problems and to guide the solution from design engineering, all the way through supply chain management. Benchmark sets itself apart from competitors because it’s one of the only companies that specifically seeks out highly complex, technical challenges and manages the process from start to finish.

What makes Benchmark’s approach particularly innovative is its ability to get customers to market faster. By working with Benchmark, customers don’t need to look for another provider at any point in the process, allowing them to save time and costs associated with delaying market readiness. Benchmark’s team of design, engineering, manufacturing, test and supply chain experts work diligently with customers to produce robust solutions that can withstand the most stringent market requirements.

At the heart of Benchmark’s success is the company’s expanding list of innovation capabilities. Among the most noteworthy are Benchmark’s outstanding capabilities in connected devices, security and surveillance, defense and ruggedization, high-speed design, RF technology and specialized medical technologies.

Connected devices are a major contributor to Benchmark’s innovation success. The company is able to accelerate rapid prototypes of custom IoT solutions to ensure successful manufacturing and production. It designs sensor networks and connected devices that enable regulatory compliance, risk reduction, precision asset tracking and loss prevention in highly-specific and complex use cases. Benchmark has extensive experience working with a wide variety of sensor types that can be integrated in any way a customer needs for analytics that are impactful, detailed and comprehensive.

With more than 25 years of experience providing military and security firms with powerful innovation and easily implemented solutions, Benchmark Secure Technology’s Mobile Video Surveillance Solution was selected by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to develop a “virtual wall” for the Southern border. Its solution protects the border with the most advanced security technology in the CBP portfolio for a fraction of the cost of a physical wall. It achieves this by using thermal energy to inform border patrol when someone comes through. This technology is currently deployed along the Texas border and in the San Diego sector to help fill in gaps for agents.

Because Benchmark’s customers regularly operate in hazardous environments, the ability to adapt products to meet ruggedization and compliance requirements is absolutely critical. To address this need, Benchmark has a fluid process that includes early analysis of thermal and vibration behavior, an extensive Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) and a highly-accelerated life testing and a final qualification process to ensure absolute confidence. Benchmark can ruggedize anything at any point in the product lifecycle, from initial concept to mass production.

Benchmark also remains a world-class leader in medical product development. Some of Benchmark’s industry-leading medical capabilities include connected medical, fluid management, radiological imaging, optical imaging, medical robotics, energy delivery, and handheld devices. Benchmark also has unique medical software expertise, with capabilities in embedded software, control systems, app development, lab information systems and digital signal processing. For the past 40 years, Benchmark has demonstrated consistent leadership in innovation. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality, turnkey solutions on the market, no matter how complex those solutions may be.

"The future of manufacturing is in technology. The next generation of manufacturing champions will come from those companies that use brain power, not labor, to drive their innovations."

- Steven Moore

Why Phoenix?

Sky Harbor Airport provides Benchmark with easy access to customers worldwide. Arizona State University’s willingness to help Benchmark attract and retain talent was a big reason why the company ultimately chose to locate its headquarters in Phoenix. Other factors include the relatively low cost of living and recreational opportunities.

The Future of Innovation

As technology continues to advance, the demand for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) has grown. With this growth, comes complex customer requirements. Instead of just manufacturing boards for their customers, EMS companies need to build capabilities to help solve complex customer challenges at both the product and skill level required.

Advice & Best Practices

Tap into ASU’s top-notch engineering school to seek talent. The future belongs to those who evolve to solve their customers’ changing needs. Reach out to others who help foster innovation for input. Create volunteer programs that help your employees to experience the city through the outdoors.


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