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Benchmark Sixty is not your usual entrepreneurial story. It wasn’t an idea that was burning inside of a serial entrepreneur, or a strategically thought out plan. It was an “accidental startup” that sprouted from the pain points of an industry that was devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jim Taylor – Founder and CEO

What started as a short term urge to help friends in the industry land back on their feet, has turned into a multi-national operation working with hundreds of restaurants every year in order to achieve an aligned set of objectives. To think differently, protect people and change restaurants.

A business model that would not exist had the world not changed the way that it looked at remote and virtual work. We operate 100% remote and offer all services “virtual first” meaning we are able to provide support for hospitality businesses of any kind, anywhere in the world as long as they have access to a computer screen and some wifi.

The restaurant industry has always been known from the outside as a people business, looking to employ and promote outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic people in an effort to provide the guest with an unforgettable experience that will keep them coming back. The unfortunate reality of the industry however, is that it has some of the highest turnover rates and mental health challenges of any mainstream industry.

At Benchmark Sixty, we believe that there is a more people centric way to operate in the restaurant and hospitality industry. A more people driven approach to how operators look at sales, profitability and employee experience is possible, and we are on a mission to change the experience for the next generation of restaurateurs.

When one considers what is happening in the restaurant industry in terms of change over the years, it is very evident that the entire model has changed. Everything from pricing strategy, to employee expectation, from third party delivery to minimum wages is different. We believe that a completely new and innovative approach to how we look at information, create strategy and retain people is required in order for any organization to be successful.

Our core strategy is aimed at two highly impactful challenges for restaurants.

The first is how to battle the constantly rising costs in an industry that is known to be low margin. Through innovative measurements that allow us to understand, improve and leverage overall levels of business productivity, restaurant operators can zero in on the exact position, day, hour or location that is causing issues allowing them to create a clear and direct strategy. Essentially we are on a mission to negate rising costs for restaurants without raising prices or changing their service models.

The second is a way that allows us to immediately understand levels of employee workload.

This incredibly unique metric supports restaurant management, ownership and executives in their efforts to create a positive employee experience and retain their people. We always say that “there is a difference between hard work, and having to work too hard.” With so much talk of work-life balance happening, we believe that this is a way for operators to improve the “work” part of that equation, and to be able to tell their employees that they have a way to protect how hard they have to work, in order to create a more consistent and positive work environment.

The future of the restaurant industry is in question. How will technology play a role in it, how will automation change the customer experience, and how will it rebound from the massive labour shortage it is facing. These are all very good questions that only time will give us the answers too, however one thing will never change, and that is that the hospitality industry is a people business, and that in order for restaurant businesses to thrive, a new more people centric approach is required.

Let’s change the industry together by thinking differently, and protecting people.

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