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Scent marketing

Begeuren® is an expression of a passion for scents. It is our mission to help people enjoy scents in their daily life. The right scents have a role to play in commercial purposes such as retail, in offices & co-working spaces, in the healthcare industry, as well as at home and in private settings. Scents have the ability to make people happier and create good moods by adding positive vibes to a room. The most important condition for success in scent marketing is using the right scent in the right place. At Begeuren®, our 100% biological, natural, healthy, vegan scents increase productivity, focus and well-being. When consulting with clients, most of whom are B2B customers, we are innovative, tailor solutions and create fragrances that reflect the clients’ personality and brand.

Our story

The Begeuren® story begins when founder Anne Guffens was still a child.
This is when I became passionate about scents. My interest soon saw me further develop my capabilities by learning to recognise and combine different fragrances. And not chemical ones, but the scents that truly come from nature. Essential oils that are derived from natural elements. These products allow people to benefit from scents in a healthy way, without any chemical components. I’ve always been interested by the way scents directly influence emotions and behaviour. Scents are neurologically connected to the limbic system, where emotions are evoked. And as you are probably already aware, emotions have a great influence on our behaviour. I became particularly interested
in the way that different scents influence our shopping and work behaviour, and finding out which fragrances positively affect productivity, revenue and well-being.



The smell of success

For more than a decade, I’ve been helping companies to find their smell of success. This
is different for each company. Did you know that the right fragrance in the office and co-working spaces increases focus and productivity up to 17%? With retail clients noting revenue increases of up to 7%.
I also advise industries on where human emotions are highly triggered. I’ve already mentioned the healthcare industry, where people obviously experience various emotions. People’s well-being in healthcare situations increases by about 27% when a relaxing fragrance fills the room.
Other industries also benefit from fragrances. For example, funerary businesses have found a way to help people feel more at ease and deal with their emotions by spreading serene scents. At Begeuren® we have developed a series of innovative products especially for the funerary industry. These biological gels eliminate bad odours in the grooming area.


These elements have also motivated me to introduce fragrance as an innovative way to complete the marketing package of companies using automatic fragrance dispensers, exclusive candles or sprays, with 100 % natural ingredients.

Our scent solutions also have additional features to make environments healthier. Our products eliminate bad odours and purify the air from harmful viruses, bacteria and moulds.

This means that all the Begeuren® products serve a double purpose: they eliminate bad odours, and add the enchanting fragrance that makes magic happen in your shop, office and healthcare project. Good feelings and good vibes result in happier people in commercial and work spaces. This positively affects revenue, efficiency and well-being.

Elite: an innovative product

‘Elite’, the automatic aroma dispenser from Begeuren®, has brought a technological masterpiece of innovation into the world of scent marketing. Its sleek and innovative design is completely compatible with modern technology. Settings are easily adjustable using the Begeuren® App, available for Apple and Android devices. You define the fragrance experience you desire in your shop, office and healthcare practice. You’re able to adjust this for specific time slots and even change the intensity. Elite then runs fully automatically, using a Wi-Fi system and a satellite clock. The dispenser spreads 100% natural bio and IFRA improved fragrances, removing bad odours to create the good vibes that maximize our shopping and work experience and optimize our physical and mental condition.

Many thanks to: Annick Goedhuys, Claudpress, Fotostudio Hilde Collier, Viktor Bentley, Hans Hanselaer,
Stokers, M3 Makelaars, Petileau, Mum Ginette, Jan, Laura and Juliette.

Anne Guffens

+32 476325344
Berkenlaan 25 B- 2540 Hove Antwerp - Belgium
Antwerp - Belgium

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