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BEA has made their mark internationally through their revolutionary design of seaport terminals. With projects in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, BEA is an international powerhouse in cutting edge design. The heart of the practice is its multiple design studio environments, where the full range of BEA’s skills, technology and creativity is concentrated to develop dynamic concepts that addresses every challenge of a project. The pursuit of design excellence is achieved through research, creativity, years of experience, and a passionate team eager to engage in every project challenge.

Bruno-Elias Ramos, AIA, founded BEA in 1992 and has transformed the firm into an international design practice. His 37 years of experience give him a diversified background and leadership capabilities which assure unique, successful design innovations and uncompromising professional service.

Having worked all over the globe, Mr. Ramos has consistently delivered design-winning contextual projects on time and within budget. As an international design architect who is also a licensed general contractor, Mr. Ramos is known as a “Master Builder” because he understands the building process unique to each location around the world.

BEA believes that it is the responsibility of the architect to understand and command the building trade so that designs are able to materialize in an effective and creative way. At BEA we offer a full spectrum of engineering services to complement and support our architectural design practice. Our designs are efficient and value conscience, while minimizing the construction schedule and ease of installation.

As port and waterway design specialists, BEA Architects is at the forefront for its knowledge and understanding of ports, waterways, operations, challenges and security concerns. BEA’s maritime proficiency results from years of experience working with ports, cruise lines, and cargo/steamship lines, through which it has developed an expertise of day-to-day operations and logistics.

BEA aims to innovate with captivating seaport terminals and pioneer new concepts. BEA takes pride in being an internationally recognized firm and hope to bring their unique design to other countries and continents around the world.

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