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Innovation. It’s at the heart of everything we do. For more than 35 years, we’ve been committed to the development and evolution of the patient recruitment industry, defining patient-centric best practices along the way. We’re always looking ahead, anticipating the needs of the marketplace, and building solutions from the ground up.


Our founders Joan F. Bachenheimer and Bonnie A. Brescia were inspired by a shared commitment to advocate for patients – increasing their access and understanding of healthcare issues that affect their daily lives – a commitment that continues to drive the company today. Our employees are creative and strategic thinkers who are passionate in the effort to help bring new treatments to market. Our focus is on enhancing the clinical trial experience through a combination of services and technology-driven solutions that educate consumers, engage participants, unburden sites, and support sponsors.

“With products and services designed to alleviate administrative burden, our orientation pays homage to the fact that nothing surpasses the attention from medical and nursing providers with regard to creating a positive study experience for a participant,” says Matt Kibby, President, BBK Worldwide. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry for the industry. Our Study Voices surveys, MythBusters research initiatives, and Pharma15 Live! events shed light on key industry trends – often debunking long-standing myths that put well-intentioned clinical trial enrollment efforts at risk.

Joan F. Bachenheimer, Founding Principal and CEO

The Patients to Find the Cure®
Putting the patient first was one of our founding principles. Today, our products and services reflect this commitment through our efforts to enhance the patient experience.

Our proprietary technology drives our innovation. When first introduced, our Patient Experience Management System TrialCentralNet® (TCN®) revolutionized the management of clinical trial recruitment, enrollment, and engagement and created a foundation for clinical trial excellence. All tech-enabled solutions are managed out of TCN, including referral processing, document management, customized analytics, patient reimbursement, patient travel, engagement apps – providing unmatched convenience, accuracy, and efficiency.

Leveraging the deep expertise of our staff, we’ve pioneered many new solutions: most recently, an expansion to our app platform that includes on-demand apps to facilitate patient travel and reimbursement. We’re nimble. Flexible. And as the clinical research landscape shifts with advancements in science and technology, we’re responding with new, innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of study sponsors, sites, and patients.


BBK Worldwide is committed to transforming the clinical trial patient experience through a combination of services and technology-driven solutions that educate consumers, engage participants, unburden sites, and support sponsors. BBK has maintained its position at the forefront of patient recruitment and engagement innovation for more than 35 years.

Headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, BBK Worldwide has partners and offices across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.


Year Founded: 1983
Founded By: Joan F. Bachenheimer Bonnie A. Brescia

“Our satisfaction comes from making a difference in the lives of patients. When your neighbor, father, colleague is prescribed a medication we’ve helped bring to market, and they respond to that treatment, there’s nothing more gratifying.”

– Joan F. Bachenheimer Founding Principal and CEO

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