> BatterEASE - Collecting And Repurposing Electronic Waste To Create ENERGY Storage That Is AFFORDABLE, SCALABLE, And ECO-FRIENDLY

BatterEASE collects and repurposes electronic waste to create ENERGY storage that is AFFORDABLE, SCALABLE, and ECO-FRIENDLY.


Today’s world is driven by innovation in technology. Due to the rapid growth of the tech industry, electronics are constantly created, consumed, and disposed of. Technological innovations improve our lives but at what cost?

The world is generating nearly 50 million tons of electronic waste every year. Only around 12% of electronic waste generated globally is recycled. Outdated tech is piling up in our landfills and releasing non-biodegradable, toxic chemicals into our soil-crop-food pathway.

Not only is this practice dangerous, but it is also incredibly wasteful. Valuable materials are being buried within this waste. An abundance of discarded rechargeable batteries still have useful capacity left in them – making them more valuable than their worth in raw materials. BatterEASE rejuvenates disposed battery cells and qualifies them to be reused for a second life.

As a cleantech social enterprise, BatterEASE reclaims, rejuvenates, and repurposes valuable components from e-waste to not only divert hazardous waste from landfills but also to create affordable energy storage systems to make clean energy more accessible for the 1.2 billion people facing energy poverty around the globe.


Using the qualified second-life batteries, BatterEASE creates a more affordable energy storage solution called EASE Blocks. These modular, rechargeable battery packs easily stack together like toy blocks to create customizable power configurations.

This plug-and-play energy storage system is packaged in a complete off-grid energy kit to provide renewable energy for household electronics, lights, and small appliances. The EASE Block system is revolutionizing energy distribution by breaking down barriers for underserved populations across the globe.

With the EASE Block system, families in developing nations can empower themselves and their communities with safe and affordable off-grid energy access. For areas facing disaster, the flexibility of the customizable system can provide life-saving power to communities in times of urgent need.


In order to keep e-waste out of landfills, BatterEASE offers a Sustainability Program for businesses and municipalities. This program includes full service, environmentally conscious electronic waste management with detailed impact reports.

The reports track metrics to analyze the social and environmental impact made from working with each of their clients. When electronics are recycled with BatterEASE, it is ensured that no energy goes to waste and all components are repurposed, refurbished, or properly recycled.

The company also works directly with organizations across the globe to support the distribution of clean, off-grid energy kits to communities in need.

BatterEASE invites your business to join the Sustainability Program and let your e-waste power the world. Learn more at BatterEASE.com/businesses.

Kinsley Gerks and Nicole Hall-Elser founded BatterEASE in 2018 as students at Rollins College. The Co-Founders both have backgrounds in social innovation and entrepreneurship. Their dedication to creating sustainable impact has driven the company’s success.


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