“At the beginning of this pandemic, during my free time, I started consuming video game streams, and on one of the many channels that Facebook Gaming has I met again with Jose Vargas who had just started streaming # Dota2 content from Amsterdam. In the coming months we understood how big and how much digital audiences had evolved, especially in the gaming sector, which went from being a niche market to a mainstream one. It was then that we began this adventure with a Dota2 tournament, which had more than 1,200 people registered and the request for a second edition by the Peruvian community” – Andres Villagomez, CEO & Cofounder of Basher Agency.

“This month we celebrate a year in this industry working with specialized marketing campaigns in #esports & #gaming in Latam, Europe and Asia for more than 15 clients: with operations in Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Portugal the Netherlands, Philippines and starting some projects in Africa. We manage more than 50 influencers in the region, and we have partnerships with professional esports teams, streaming agencies, esports platforms, payment providers, blockchain companies, betting companies,etc.

We currently have more than 15 employees made up of Account Executives, Marketing Specialists, Community Managers, Designers and more. In addition, this month we attended our first #TheInternational Dota 2 in Romania, one of the largest esports event, in the company of our partners Thunder Awaken Esports; and #IGBlive in Amsterdam, the largest iGaming convention” – Jose Vargas, CFO & Cofounder of Basher Agency.

Since its founding in 2020, Basher has grown into one of the leading agencies in esports in Peru and South America. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Beastcoast, Thunder Predator and SG esports. From representing esport players, streamers, influencers and artists to working on marketing campaigns that raise awareness about esports, we’ve done it all. Our clients can expect us to always go above and beyond what they ask for when it comes to creating an amazing product.

Basher is not just an advertising company. We are a group of professionals with competent areas who share experience and knowledge in order to develop integrated communications campaigns for our customers.

What makes Basher so special? The professional background and the passion of our co founders.

Jose is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s degree in The Netherlands. Since then, he has been working in complex engineering projects applying the Project Management philosophy. This knowledge has been implemented on Basher’s methodology to execute different projects. He is also an Esport Agent in SEG International, based in Amsterdam. SEG is one of the biggest representation agencies and it is well connected with the biggest teams in the world, including esports organizations.

Andres has more than 10 years of experience as Key Account Manager of The Coca Cola Company. He operates with excellent performance, the most complicated marketing campaigns for Coca Cola and their hundreds of clients expanded all over Latam. This methodology is also applied to Basher’s deliverables. He has also completed an International Esports Diplomacy in Peru, where he acquired a big network of the esports leaders in Latam.

Merging Jose and Andres skills, experience and network from Latam and Europe, Basher is a leading agency. The 15 employees so far expanded all over the globe have an excellent coaching from the cofounder, being the next esport leaders in the region. Basher is not only bringing potential clients to Latam, but also, they are empowering the esports community. Basher is changing the game and putting LATAM in the scope of the big investors, giving back to the esports community tournaments, events, competing teams, you name it.


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