Banyan Water-Uses The Power Of Data And Analytics To Deliver Water Savings





Banyan Water believes water is the most valuable resource on Earth. More than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Dozens of countries, including the U.S. and Mexico, will face extreme water shortages in the next 25 years. There is no singular cause. Extreme undervaluation and excessive water use, exacerbated climate change, increased urban migration and rapid population growth, and aging infrastructure are all contributing factors to growing water scarcity. Many of the problems we now face can be addressed with the right technological implementations at the global and market levels. The Internet of Things and advanced data analytics afford unprecedented access and visibility into water usage and will play a pivotal role in the reduction of global water consumption.





Banyan Water uses the power of data and analytics to deliver water savings to corporations and enterprises. Our sophisticated cloud-based software platform has delivered over 3 billion gallons of water savings and associated asset value to our customers. Our savings are real and verified against utility data. We currently have over 733 million gallons of water under management and are growing nationally.

Banyan Water’s industry-leading software platform collects thousands of data points about your water systems and surfaces key insights that power decisions about capital investments and water-saving improvements. Portfolio management tools allow for detailed asset tracking and performance comparisons between buildings and properties. No matter what the built environment consists of, Banyan Water has the solution to help you reach total water management.


We use real-time data from onsite hardware and utility data to understand your property’s water use. Our industry-leading analytics engine provides insight into water costs, use, trends, and anomalies, identifying areas of inefficiency or even hidden leaks. Our network operations center ensures property-wide water efficiency, making recommendations on areas for improvements, and notifying you of urgent issues. Every month we report how much water was used and saved and we verify these savings against your utility bills. Whether it’s understanding your past water use, mitigating water risk today, or planning to reduce your water footprint in the future, Banyan Water’s software is your solution to verified savings.

We’re proud to work with clients who are committed to saving water and smart about saving money at the same time. Some of the properties that we work with include multifamily housing complexes, large corporate campuses, and office buildings. Banyan Water is led by a team whose areas of expertise include sustainability, green technology, irrigation, data & analytics, and outstanding customer service.


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