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Is A Portuguese Bank, Based In The Disruptive “Oeiras Valley” Ecosystem.

The Bank was founded in 2005 and ispart of  Groupe BPCE, the second largest banking group in France. Our statement “O seu Futuro Primeiro” (Your Future First) reflects our mission, the creation of benefits and opportunities for Customers, Partners, Employees and Shareholders.


Banco Primus started its activity in 2005, being one of the first Portuguese players to offer innovative financing solutions in the secured debt consolidation market. In 2007, the success of the business model in Portugal enabled the international expansion to Spain, setting up an International Branch based in Madrid, and developing a similar business model.

In the following year, 2008, the Bank had extended its product offer in Portugal into the B2B car finance market (i.e. credit, leasing and long-term-rental), both for new and used vehicles. In the same year, following its internationalization strategy, Banco Primus established a new international branch in Hungary also focussing in B2B car financing.

In 2014, the Bank pursued its customers´ value proposition and developed a consumer loans offer for existing customers with a proved credit experience (ie. upsell initiative).

Supported by the best in class performance in car financing and leveraging the installed capacity in Portugal, since 2016 Banco Primus addresses the motorcycle financing market with a specific product´s profile and offer. Nowadays, Banco Primus is honored to embrace over 135 Employees across Iberia, supporting more than 35.000 active Customers and circa 1.500 active Partners, constituting “Banco Primus´ family” with a unique IP and aligned to maintain the increasing footprint’s trend with an ambitious, disruptive, data driven, digital, sustainable and innovative strategy.

Sustainable growth – How?

Implementing a growth strategy that is profitable, lasting and sustainable, based on responsible credit policies (i.e. granting and monitoring phases), on efficient resources management and on innovation and new trends adoption.

Creating value for customers, partners, employees and shareholder – How?

Considering the “value creation” as a fundamental pillar in the Bank’s activity, by improving the customers and partners experience with differentiated/personalized products and services (one customer/partner, one solution), through investment in training and development of our employees, by ensuring an efficient/lean resources management and by evaluating new opportunities to expand the Bank’s activities (organic and non-organic) bringing value to all stakeholders, especially to shareholders.

Commitment with our society (environmental, social and governance) – How?

Believing that we all have a role to play in society and in the community around us, taking this commitment/purpose very seriously.


Go Digital

  • In 2018, Banco Primus had launched
    a transformation project named “Go Digital” in order to define the Bank’s vision, mission and values for the medium/long term
  •  An internal introspection/reflection was carried out, market trends were studied (i.e. financial industry and other industries) and our customers, partners, employees and shareholders were consulted/involved
  •  The result was a “Vision of the Future” for the Bank’s activities with an ambitious roadmap of transformation initiatives to be implemented in the upcoming years
  • The first milestone of this project was the launch, in 2020, of a responsive web APP “(“ONE É PR1MUS” / ONE IS PR1MUS”) for the B2B channel that allows our partners, in a digital way, to simulate and submit credit applications to the Bank, as well as, access to management information and live marketing campaigns
  • But we will keep going forward by implementing disruptive initiatives in terms of channels, products, processes, people, systems and data (e.g. B2C channel launch; Bank’s image facelift, implementation of predictive models, AI and ML; among others)

reference https://one.bancoprimus.pt/


  • In 2020 the Bank launched the 1Lab, a space of collaboration, interaction with the startup and fintech communities; a lab of new ideas
  • This space, combines specific add-on at Bank’s Headquarters, in Oeiras with the presence in fintech incubators facilities, aiming to accelerate innovation at the Bank, to test ideas, concepts and business models, always in a collaborative and interactive way with the community

Primus Responsável (Primus Sustainable)

  • • In 2020, the Bank launched the “Primus Responsável” program (Primus Sustainable), based on the “Our World First” statement and signature (O Nosso Mundo Primeiro), which aims to reinforce the Bank’s commitment with our society and stakeholders in the environmental, social and governance areas
  • Since its launch, we would like to highlight the following initiatives (illustrative):

» Offer of 15 vital monitors to the Public Health Service (NHS) in Q2 ´20 as direct response to Covid-19 pandemic;

» Registration in “Oeiras Solidária” program promoted by the Municipality of Oeiras, in which the first action included the delivery
of 100 Christmas Baskets to disadvantaged families;

» – Offer of more than 400 electronic and
other material items (e.g. laptops, keyboards, printers, paper shredders, storage boxes, etc.) to “Associação Entreajuda” under the “Banco de Equipamentos” initiative;

» – Introduction of sustainability criteria when offering/distributing merchandising material to our partners and employees (e.g. cork agendas and employee kit); and

» – Implementation of a pilot test (at the level
of the Bank’s car fleet) with plug-in hybrid vehicles (as a result of this pilot, the purchase of more vehicles will be considered/evaluated)

Banco Primus

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