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Early on, I was drawn to the idea of being a storyteller. During my career in television, I was introduced to a PR professional who explained the ins and outs of public relations, which helped me realize it was something I could – and wanted – to do.

Rebecca Bamberger, CEO

Starting off, it was just me, my laptop, and a cell phone. For the first few years, I did everything from sourcing clients to stapling agendas for every client meeting. Eventually, the work grew into such a mountain with more and more clients that I had to hire people in order to have some sanity.

Our growth today can be attributed to three core factors: First, bringing on talent that matches the ethos of the company. Second, we’ve become discerning about the clients we take on and determine if each one matches our niche focus of VC-backed technology companies that have a positive impact on the world. Lastly, we have clear goals that are transparently shared and ruthlessly monitored. Every employee has access to our annual goals, quarterly focuses, and can review monthly progress in real-time as numbers and successes get counted.

What does BAM do?

Founded in 2008, BAM Communications is a PR agency that believes stories move the world, and we aim to move stories forward for technology-driven brands that are disrupting entire industries. We’ve become incredibly focused and proficient in our media relations techniques, relationships, and programs, and the core of our business remains in media relations.

How does BAM foster innovation?

We represent disruptive technologies across the spectrum: Consumer tech, Enterprise, Health Tech, Fitech, Artificial Intelligence, Agtech, Cybersecurity and more. We understand the demands and pace technology-driven brands face. By using robust amounts of data to show bottom-line impact and building strong media relationships, we are able to introduce our clients to our 400+ venture capitalists.

What does Beck do through BAM and OnePitch to engage in innovation?

We know journalists and we understand their inboxes are flooded with pitch ideas, both good and bad. OnePitch is an email pitch platform that matches pitches to journalists’ preferences through a specific categorization and vetting process. With BAM’s ever-growing list of media relationships and the target messaging of OnePitch, we are better able to get stories in front of the right journalist the first time around.

What are some ways BAM innovates within?

BAM innovates from within in a variety of ways, including an “Always Be Learning” stipend, which encourages the team to learn and develop skills outside of the office. This stipend is used for PR-related networking events, language courses, dance lessons, boxing classes, yoga certification, among others.

Additionally, BAM has created a company culture that thrives on direct feedback, radical candor and full transparency which fosters employee trust.

Brief Beck bio including cool hobbies

A born and raised San Diegan, I graduated from UCLA in two years, becoming the University of Pittsburgh’s youngest MBA graduate at 21. I started BAM while working as a news anchor in San Diego. After winning an Emmy in 2011 for my work in TV, I focused entirely on BAM and Bite, San Diego’s top-rated and largest food tour company in the country, which I sold in 2016.

I am also an investor with Plum Alley and Backstage Capital, two groups that support investing in diverse founders.

I always say, “You can buy stuff, you can collect things, but what tells your story and fills your life is a collection of experiences. That’s it.” My hobbies include flying helicopters, traveling and being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

BAM team hobbies

BAM is a company comprised of nerds and raconteurs that are encouraged to embrace their individuality and unique mindsets to offer nothing but the best to its clients.

BAM Communications


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