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Reclaiming Imagination, Creativity And Wonder

If you would have told me 10 years ago that part of my legacy in this world would involve balloons, I would have called you crazy. However, life has a weird way of sending us down avenues we could never imagine.

I have had quite a diverse professional career in my life. I have started several of my own businesses, served as a paid advisor for over a dozen companies and even had a brief foray into the world of investment banking working for Goldman Sachs. For 4.5 years I sat at the head of a digital marketing agency where I spent countless hours studying metrics, data and algorithms. I have lead software development projects and spoken from stages across the country teaching many of the skills I have learned.

Yet, here I am today. A balloon artist. Out of all things, why would I choose to be a balloon artist?

You see, I’ve noticed a terrifying trend throughout my life. We all come into this world curious,  imaginative and full of wonder. The world is our playground and our creativity is endless. Truth be told, there is rarely a goal too ambitious for us to pursue in our early years. However, it seems that life has a way of almost beating that imaginative and creative side out of us. From the time we are children to the time we are fully immersed in our careers, it’s like some part of us just disappears. But that part of us is never truly gone, sometimes we just have to go and find it once again.

Up until the fall of 2017, creating balloon art was just a fun hobby business. But then, I was asked to create my biggest balloon art project yet. I will never forget the pure joy I experienced when we finally hoisted an installation that had taken 30 hours to build into the air. It was incredible! But as amazing as it was to see the finished creation, watching people’s reactions as they entered the room and looked up to see thousands of brightly colored balloons suspended over them was absolutely priceless!

At that moment, I knew that the next chapter of my life HAD to be helping people all over the world experience that same excitement and energy those attendees were experiencing; that same sense of creativity and wonder we were so familiar when we were young.

Since then our team has grown and we have been on a mission to bring creativity back into the world. We team up with companies and individuals that want their employees and guests to have an experience they will never forget. It has been an amazing journey and has been such a meaningful pursuit for our entire team.

Creativity changes culture. It helps us think outside the box and solve difficult challenges. It brings joy into our lives. It makes the world a better place and keeps life exciting. And one thing I do know for sure is that a sculpture made of thousands of balloons (some much taller than we are) reconnects us with our inner creativity unlike anything else!

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