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Successful founders, CEOs, and executives are master storytellers.

Successful founders, CEOs, and executives are master storytellers. They use stories to communicate their vision for a better future and to connect their purpose to the values of the people they serve—both inside and outside their companies. The problem is that leaders sometimes struggle to articulate the market and technology insights they’ve discovered and how they create value.

Backstory Branding® guides companies through the process of creating clear, concise, compelling messages that attract the right employees, customers, and investors. Like a well-focused camera, the best brand stories have the correct aperture. They’re open to future growth while staying focused on a specific position or category they want to own in the market. If your brand doesn’t stand for something bigger than your current offering, you’ll cap its upside—but if your story is too open-ended, your brand won’t stand for anything.

Backstory uses an integrated approach to scope stories that communicate your full value. I do this by helping clients articulate and align their internal and external brand stories. This alignment enables companies to make meaningful promises that they can keep in an emotionally satisfying way—at scale, which is the essence of branding.

Working at IDEO early in my career honed my appreciation for the importance of human-centered design and intentional brand culture. This experience spurred me to create an insight-driven methodology that codifies internal and external messages that reinforce one another. In addition to developing overarching company stories, I partner with clients to define customer personas and clarify value propositions or benefit statements for each audience. These persona-specific messaging frameworks allow businesses to align the efforts of their marketing, sales, and client success teams so employees can work together to deliver a consistent, tailored customer experience.

I have successfully applied this process on behalf of some of Utah’s most innovative, trusted, and high-growth companies—and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it

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