America’s SBDC Arizona Network

State’s Largest Most Comprehensive Source Of Assistance For Small Businesses




America’s SBDC Arizona is the state’s largest most comprehensive source of assistance for small businesses. Our Network:

  • Is an accredited member of America’s SBDC, a network of nearly 1,000 SBDCs covering rural, urban, and suburban communities nationwide.
  • Is hosted by Maricopa Community Colleges and has an innovative partnership between 10 community college districts, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the Department of Defense.
  • Since 1988, we have counseled more than 50,000 clients, helped create nearly 4,000 small businesses, facilitated nearly $910 million in capital formation and $1 billion in sales increases, and created/retained more than 26,000 jobs in Arizona.

Perspective on Innovation

America’s SBDC Arizona Network’s (AZSBDC) mission is to provide high quality, high-impact, one-on-one counseling, resource assistance, and training to preserve and create small business jobs and revenue, and to facilitate capital formation throughout Arizona.

A leader in facilitating innovation throughout Phoenix metro, in smaller cities and rural areas, AZSBDC works with businesses in sectors that are fueling Arizona forward, including technology, biosciences, and manufacturing. We play a pivotal support role to incubators and startups across Arizona and our clients span every stage of development: Pre-Venture, Startup, Growth, and Transitioning.

Network Innovation thrives when it is supported by sound business fundamentals, reliable financing, and strategic marketing. Our statewide Network is a catalyst in assisting emerging and small businesses, whose innovation and economic growth play a significant role in Arizona’s economic impact and job creation. We are a primary driver of the small business innovation ecosystem in Arizona.

With the help of SBDC business analysts–many of whom are former business owners–Arizona companies are identifying new market opportunities and transforming innovation into sales performance. The Phoenix metro area is a magnet for innovators, entrepreneurs, and expanding companies. Optimism and opportunity thrive here.

The purest form of ‘economic gardening’ exists in Arizona, where an ingrained ‘can-do’ culture is supported by ready access to the resources and technical assistance it takes to create, grow, and sustain a business. America’s SBDC Arizona exists to foster and support that environment and to assure its future. The Arizona economy–where 99.4% of all businesses are small businesses–depends on it.

An entrepreneurial engine of that size is driven by investment. At some point, most companies need assistance in finding and qualifying for funding to fuel innovation, whether through venture capital, commercial loans, SBA loans, or alternative lending sources. America’s SBDC Arizona provides financial analysis and recommendations that are specific to each company’s funding needs and designed to maximize their chances to obtain funding.

In 2019 alone, we counseled or trained 6,118 clients, helped start 382 new businesses, and created/retained 1,525 jobs, facilitated over $79 million in sales increases, and $74 million in capital formation. Our partnerships with the U.S. Small Business Administration and 10 Arizona community college districts provide us with reach and resources that no other small business assistance network can offer in Arizona.

We are proud to help small businesses develop innovative technology, products, and services that fuel the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Phoenix and drive economic impact throughout the state of Arizona.

Why Phoenix?

Phoenix has essential elements that attract businesses and an educated well-trained workforce. Phoenix provides a balanced work-life environment that is a creative launching pad for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and emerging businesses.

The Future of Innovation

Innovation is often born and nurtured in a small business environment, where flexibility, size, and a solid grasp of business fundamentals can enable entrepreneurs to pivot quickly and take calculated risks when needed. Their success fuels further growth–not just for the original innovator–but also for the businesses that are created to support or build on their momentum.

Advice & Best Practices

  • Preparation is key to succeeding in a competitive marketplace. There are no shortcuts to success.
  • Invest time in reading to gain an advantage over your competitors. Knowledge is power.
  • Innovation cannot succeed in a vacuum. Understanding business fundamentals is essential and partnering with others, like the AZSBDC.

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