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Studies show that OxBC benefits the immune systems of fish, birds and mammals

Avivagen’s discoveries of the natural existence and biological activity of oxygen-rich polymers formed by spontaneous air oxidation of ß-carotene represent a significant scientific advancement in understanding ß-carotene’s activities, independent of it being a source of vitamin A

The industrial manufacture of oxidized β-carotene (OxBC), rich in polymers, allows the harnessing of their immunological activities for commercial use. Studies show that OxBC benefits the immune systems of fish, birds and mammals, and is anticipated to make a significant contribution to the health and welfare of animals and humans alike.

A Next Generation Antibiotic Alternative
Antibiotic resistance in humans is considered to be this century’s single greatest global health threat. An Oxford Journals’ Clinical Infectious Diseases article states “The ongoing explosion of antibioticresistant infections . . . could mean a literal return to the pre- antibiotic era for many types of infections”. Antibiotic resistance is already responsible for killing more than 700,000 people each year and the toll is projected to rise to 10 million by 2050.

The principal causes of antibiotic resistance include the common and widespread use of antibiotics in animal feeds to produce meat consumed by humans, as well as over-prescription by physicians for therapeutic treatment of human infections.

The goal to substantially reduce and even eliminate antibiotic use requires innovative new products offering better consistency and a defined mode of action, while being both effective and easy to use.

Avivagen’s discovery of the immunologically active polymeric compounds in OxBC offers a compelling solution.  The immune system plays a vital role in maintaining animal health and productivity. In field tests and from commercial usage, the polymeric compounds in OxBC have been shown to be a very effective alternative to antibiotics for maintaining health and productivity in swine, poultry and dairy cows.

OxBC has been found to beneficially modulate immune function.

There are two main actions:
1) priming innate immune function and,
2) reducing prolonged and overzealous inflammatory responses.

The priming actions centre upon an ability to increase the animal’s capacity to detect invading bacterial pathogens and mount an effective immune response. Importantly, heightened innate immune activity only occurs in the presence of an actual pathogen. Modulation of innate immune function is a compelling and natural strategy for replacing the prophylactic application of antibiotics, because the innate immune system is capable of providing broad protection against multiple pathogens.

The second action relates to a reduction in background or excess immune activity.

The OxBC polymers, found naturally in β-carotene-rich forages such as alfalfa, have been thoroughly evaluated for their utility in maintaining animal health and productivity in broiler chickens and swine. Studies in dairy cattle and fish indicate they also help to support optimal immune function in these species.

The trials carried out with hogs, broilers and dairy cattle have been conducted under commercial production environments in a variety of geographic locations and production systems, in Canada, the US, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and New Zealand. In each case, the use of the commercial OxBC product, OxC-beta™ Livestock, led to meaningful improvements in growth performance and/or clinical

Companion Animals
Products containing OxBC have demonstrated broad utility in providing health benefits to companion animals, particularly to canines. Benefits include support of dogs’ skin, joints and gut health, helping to maintain healthy hip and joint function, promoting normal mobility, and helping dogs with occasional stiffness. The products also promote healthy skin and soothe skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies. Avivagen markets Vivamune™ Health Chews to pet owners in retail settings and veterinary clinics and Dr Tobias All-in-One Dog chews to online customers primarily through Amazon.com and also DrTobias.com.

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