Ever heard of the proverb ‘better safe than sorry’? Well, Avia-GIS sure has. Even better: they built their entire business around it. Founder and CEO Guy Hendrickx started Avia-GIS in 2001 as a company with a global reach that conducts and translates research into spatially explicit solutions that improve human, animal and crop health in a sustainable way. By doing so, they increase the capacity of their clients to deal with spatial risk, which in its turn adds to their vision and purpose of working towards a healthier world.

Bridging the gap between academic research and decision making

Avia-GIS helps researchers to understand the spatial risks of vector-borne diseases, public authorities to better protect the public against such risks, the pest-control industry to remove those risks in a sustainable way and the pharma-industry to implement clinical trials to test new products and vaccines against such diseases.

“We enjoy a unique market position. Only a few companies operate in our domain – and none have developed such close contacts with the academic, decision support and industrial world as we have.”

Their experts specialize in environmental engineering, biology, entomology, spatial epidemiology, meteorology, spatial modelling and ICT. The main objective of their research is contributing to the state-of-the-art and bringing these solutions to the people who need them.

And this exactly is the difference between Avia-GIS and an academic research group: Avia-GIS’ input doesn’t stop with writing a paper. Following the successful conclusion of a research project, they offer the capacity to invest into the next stages, such as studying the technical and economic feasibility of a potential product, and conducting demonstration pilots for the final finetuning of the marketable prototype to bridge the gap between research and operational tools.

None of us is as smart as all of us
Or, in other words: Avia-GIS wants to be part of their client’s team – and conduct the contracted research as partners. They believe that only by joining forces, they’ll get the best results possible and stay focused on a highly specialized set of services.

‘We have a clear view on user needs and requirements and on how this can be translated into cost-efficient operational and sustainable tools.’’

First of all, Avia-GIS has expertise in the development of spatial risk maps: either based on existing data sets – or on newly collected data using VECMAP, their in-house built software. Such maps serve a wide variety of purposes ranging from dealing with a health risk to planning focused marketing campaigns. Next, you can count on Avia-GIS to support the development of your products: as an example they help with the site selection for clinical trials to test new products and vaccines and develop disease vector population dynamics and disease transmission models to run ‘what-if’-scenarios and test prevention and treatment schemes. Finally, you can ask them to develop ad-hoc spatial decision support systems and mobile applications that fit your needs.

And, as said before: all of these comprehensive services – ideally – are to be executed with Avia-GIS as part of your team. Because only by close collaboration, you’ll get the results you’re aiming for. Ready to amp up your team with the Avia-GIS specialists?

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