Setting Science In Motion To Create A Better World




As the world demands solutions for increasingly complex medical conditions and diseases, scientific organizations face greater pressure to build momentum and develop breakthroughs. Today’s biologic drugs are providing revolutionary treatment options for many of these medical challenges.

Avantor® is moving science forward

Scientific breakthroughs rarely happen on their own. Moving science forward demands exceptional expertise and constant innovation. From discovery to delivery of mission-critical products and services, Avantor is a trusted global partner to customers in the life sciences, advanced technologies, and applied materials industries.

The world’s leading biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies, as well as those in the education, research, aerospace, and semiconductor industries, rely on us to help them accomplish their missions.

Our more than 12,000 Avantor associates are passionate about setting science in motion to create a better world

We share enthusiasm for innovation, excellence, and achievement. We never settle for the status quo. Whether we are collaborating with our customers to advance science or solve multifaceted problems, we help them reach their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Take biopharma for example. Whether it’s a vaccine, monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein, cell and gene therapy, or small molecule treatment, the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers depend on us to quickly and confidently move through research and production.

From the small-scale bench to pilot plant and full commercial manufacturing, our products, services, and expertise enable our customers to bring new treatments to patients faster and safer.

Innovation close to home and across the globe

Our state-of-the-art Bridgewater, New Jersey, Innovation Center showcases how Avantor is making breakthroughs, making a difference, and empowering associates to make a mark. Here, customers can collaborate with biopharma researchers to address current and emerging challenges in biopharmaceuticals, biologics, and cell and gene therapies, resulting in data-driven answers that bring new solutions.

This center, which opened in 2017, is one of nine research and applications facilities where we conduct both proprietary and customer-specific development activities. These facilities, along with our more than 200 manufacturing, distribution, and sales centers, are strategically located to support our global customers.

Beyond biopharma, we serve …

Our solutions are helping to protect and improve patients’ lives. Avantor serves an array of healthcare needs with advanced materials including high-purity silicones, proven diagnostic solutions, and nutraceutical products. And, we have the regulatory expertise to assist medical device companies in obtaining product clearance.

Education & Research

The education and academic research community makes a vital contribution to science, continually expanding the frontiers of our knowledge. Avantor has a long history serving the education research community, supplying laboratory solutions that help catalyze innovation.

Advanced Technologies & Applied Materials

Whether in the extremes of space or in the nanoscale world of semiconductor fabrication, advanced technology materials from Avantor play a crucial role in the world’s most demanding applications and environments.

Avantor Services

Our Services business supports major biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational, and industrial research organizations with lab, clinical, and production services, helping them transform their operations and solve intricate challenges. In the process, we’ve returned hundreds of thousands of hours back to science, enabling customers to reach peak efficiency.

Collaborating for the future

We’re proud of our associates and how, together, we are moving science forward to create a better world—from facilitating groundbreaking discoveries to delivering novel therapies, devices, diagnostics, and other scientific breakthroughs.

“Avantor is well positioned to integrate advancements that propel innovation forward. Our center is a key element in the process.” – Nandu Deorkar, PhD, MBA, Vice President, Bioprocess Research & Development for Avantor

“It’s an exciting time for developing drug therapies. The most important goal of the Bridgewater Innovation Center is to combine Avantor’s talent and capabilities with customer insights to drive strategic projects that we know will have major impacts on the future.  For example, bringing advanced products like cell and gene therapy to market will address the challenges that life science companies face. And, the number of companies involved in cell and gene therapy is growing.”

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