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The company’s growth and evolution has mirrored the autonomy industry as a whole, with expansions beyond the automotive sector into fields such as mining, agriculture and other off-road applications, and a sharper focus on the deployment of full fleets and technology ready for production and deployment.

Bobby Hambrick founded AutonomouStuff in his home in 2010 and has since grown the company on an international scale, with offices on three continents.

In 2018, Hexagon acquired AutonomouStuff and made Bobby the Chief Autonomous Officer of its Autonomy & Positioning division, strengthening the company’s ability to meet growing and diversifying demand in the industry and around the world.

The expansion continued in 2020 with the debut of a research facility in Ottawa to take advantage of the city’s talent and unique strengths in connected autonomous vehicle technology, particularly the Ottawa L5 test track powered by Invest Ottawa.

AutonomouStuff clients reside in broad categories: industry, academia, technology. AutonomouStuff provides engineering services and integrated solutions in such diverse areas as agriculture, the automotive sector, artificial intelligence, robotics and mining, to universities, established enterprises and tech startups alike.

The expansive nature of those markets speaks to the scope and breadth of AutonomouStuff’s offerings. In the most basic sense, AutonomouStuff’s solutions jump start customers’ automated projects.

The tailored mix of hardware, software and know-how provide a springboard for clients to launch their own products or services. Automated research and development platforms from AutonomouStuff help customers clear the most complex barrier to beginning research for autonomous projects.

The vehicles offered by AutonomouStuff since 2016 have proven to be reliable, robust, safetyoriented platforms in the arenas of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced algorithm development and automated driving initiatives.

Since the launch of the original platform, a drive-by-wire automated Lincoln MKZ, the AutonomouStuff integration team has built hundreds of automated vehicles and worked with outside regulatory agencies to enhance the safety of automated driving mechanisms.

AutonomouStuff engineers also create custom platforms, automating virtually anything with wheels to allow customers to focus on their projects from day one.AutonomouStuff can boast a number of global firsts and other superlatives.

More automated research and development platforms have come from AutonomouStuff than any other provider in the world. AutonomouStuff is a senior in a field still in its infancy, with the experience and influence to help shape an industry not yet fully formed.

That stature derives from a unique skill set, created by compiling expertise in components, in-house software development, engineering, fabrication, data intelligence and automated platforms. No other company brings all that together under one roof — and to the table to meet clients’ needs.


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