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Arming cities with the data and solutions they need to attain Vision Zero

Through cutting-edge infrastructure and analysis, AutoGuardian arms cities with the data and solutions they need to attain Vision Zero. By increasing awareness between motorists and vulnerable road users, making urban environments safer for everyone.

Drivers are more distracted than ever while on the road, but they’re not the only ones. Vulnerable road users, like cyclists and pedestrians, are also distracted. The combination has led to a significant increase in traffic accidents and in fatalities. In Canada in 2016 alone, 583 vulnerable road users—30.7% of all fatalities—were killed and 7,500 cyclists injured, and municipalities have struggled with solutions to the problem.

“With distracted driving at an all-time high, we need to increase situational awareness for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles co-located in high-traffic areas,” says Tenille Houston, founder and Chief Communications Officer of SmartCone, AutoGuardian’s parent company.

As municipalities struggle to find solutions to traffic-related pedestrian and cycling injuries and fatalities, AutoGuardian can deploy cost-effective solutions to improve traffic flow and more importantly, make streets and traffic intersections safer for all. By developing first-of-its-kind, intelligent safety infrastructure, we can create awareness of vehicles, autonomous shuttles, cyclists and pedestrians, giving everyone the time to act and be safe.

The core technology platform comes from our parent company, SmartCone Technologies, in which sensors and sensor fusion software technology are housed in TheSmartConeTM device. This is an easily deployable piece of hardware that we incorporate various sensors into for the solution we are working to achieve. The incoming information is processed on the edge in real-time so that cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians are automatically alerted to their surroundings through audio and visual cues in a variety of zones.

The alerts can come from the main device but the bulk of the alerts are from the connected peripheral devices, TheSmartTorchTM, which are placed on certified impact-resistant flex bollards. AutoGuardian brings the technology solution together along with route monitoring and maintenance to offer unparalleled results. We want to change the way municipalities are reconstructing their infrastructure. In particular, if we look at bike lanes, we see additions of painted lines and flex posts to add separation at best. But as studies and community outreach are showing, painted lines are not sufficient.

A recent study went so far as to note, “Painted cycle lanes significantly reduce the distance motorists give cyclists.” In regards to separating a lane with flex posts, it is a great start, but according to CAA, cyclists are more likely to be killed or injured at an intersection or at a location where there are traffic signals or other traffic control signs. By making these segregated lanes “smart” we can increase awareness of a cyclist as they approach an intersection, automatically detecting them as they pass through a monitored zone.

“We are working to become the market leader with an IoT platform and connected infrastructure for smart cities focusing on safer, smarter, more sustainable and healthier communities,” Tenille says. AutoGuardian is also developing and testing a never-before-seen suite of safety solutions for autonomous shuttles powered by IoT (internet of things) technology.

Shuttles are often silent and communities are not used to seeing them on the road. By providing an extra set of eyes for the shuttle and for vulnerable road users, AutoGuardian helps everyone to be more comfortable with this new technology and so aids its further adoption. From pilot projects and technology demos, like NAIAS Mobility Challenge 2020, to permanent private locations such as a campus or tech parks, AutoGuardian alerts vulnerable road users to the presence of oncoming shuttles.

The solution includes an “intelligent lane” for any AV shuttle project, perimeter detection with video-intrusion capture, audio and visual infrastructure to alert vulnerable road users to oncoming shuttles, back-up sensor data, and non-line-of-sight visibility.

No matter the mode of transit, AutoGuardian is bringing urban areas into the future—with safety and sustainability at the fore.

Tenille Houston, CEO – AutoGuardian by Smartcone

Tenille brings experience from a wide-ranging client set to include automotive giants like Toyota, Information Technology through Northrop Grumman, and most recently Internet of Things through SmartCone Technologies.

While building relationships and spreading the word as Chief Communications Officer for SmartCone, she was heavily focused on the vulnerable road user (VRU) space with the recent opening of the Ottawa L5 Test Track.

Her entrepreneurial spirit lead her to take the VRU solution offerings to the next level and lead the charge for SmartCone’s new subsidiary, AutoGuardian by SmartCone, to create safer roads through intelligent infrastructure, helping to make cities smarter and safer for all. She has a master’s degree in Public Administration and a bachelor of science in psychology.

AutoGuardian by Smartcone

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