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If you ask Melinda Garvey what her big dream is, you will probably hear her say, “I want to brainwash  women!” Now, don’t be alarmed, she just sees this as the fastest way to ensure that all women know their worth, have a tribe of other women supporting them and can see their own path to success through access to the Manolos of women just like them who have come before.

It’s really all about creating a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity. There are millions of non-celeb, non-corporate titan women who are successful. We just simply don’t ever hear their stories, so we believe that the landscape is barren. Both our companies, Austin Woman and On The Dot are on a mission to change that by giving access to successful women and their stories every day.


“It all started in a little Texas town called Austin, when in 2002, after a few too many glasses of wine… we decided it was time to empower, engage and inspire the women of Austin with the launch of Austin Woman magazine,” says Garvey. Now in its 17th year and hailed as the go-to resource for women looking to move ahead and build a legacy, Austin Woman is going strong.

Austin Woman magazine was celebrating the success of women well before the power of the women’s movement made it popular to do so. We now have unrefuted evidence that when women are in leadership positions in companies, both revenue and profits are higher. Recent studies have also shown that women who make it to leadership and c-suite positions invariably have a strong tribe of women supporting them along the way. Austin Woman and On The Dot are a call for women to come together, support one another and build a powerful ecosystem where both men and women work together to build stronger companies—and in turn, stronger economies.

Melinda Garvey, Founder

But what about the rest of the globe? When Garvey heard that one of the very top reasons women were not achieving equal success was the lack of access to relatable role models, she just got mad. And so, On The Dot was born, with little more than a deep passion for championing women, an expertise in storytelling and the moxie to believe that On The Dot could change the conversation about women’s advancement.

One question drove everything: What if, every morning, millions of women around the world heard a story about a successful, relatable role model? How would our mindset change if we could see it and then know that we, too could be it?

To further that effort and help build leadership within large companies, On The Dot has built a platform where companies can create an internal ecosystem that connects, educates and promotes women and minorities and creates opportunities for advancement—groups who might otherwise struggle in a typical corporate structure. Creating this platform for large companies allows thousands of women and minorities, in one fell swoop, to come together and take action toward advancement and success.

Austin Woman and On The Dot are proud to be part of creating an opportunity for women and celebrating their success.

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