Austin Eastciders-Committed To Making America Fall In Love With Cider




Austin Eastciders started in 2013 committed to make America fall in love with cider all over again. We do that by making Austin Eastciders the traditional way, using white wine yeast, culinary apples from the Pacific Northwest, and real cider apples carefully sourced from Europe. This combination leads to a balanced cider that’s dry, crisp, clean, and refreshing. Our cider has two-thirds less sugar than most other ciders. Translation: less time spent at the gym and more time enjoying a cider you can feel good about

The cidery also produces a rotating line of seasonal ciders like Spiced Cider, Texas Brut Cider, and a summer-ready Watermelon Cider. All of our ciders pair great as a base for a cocktail or alongside your favorite taco. We also have a taproom located on the East Side of Austin that serves our everyday cider varieties along with small-batch releases like a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cider or a Cold Brew Cider made in partnership with local coffee company, Cuveé Coffee.
Austin Eastciders is growing and leading the effort to bring craft cider back to its pre-prohibition prominence as the official drink of America. We think that everyone can enjoy cider and are helping to move toward cider that’s lower in sugar and features more complex flavor profiles. With a range of styles, we believe we have created ciders that appeal to beer, wine, and cider drinkers alike.

Finally, Austin is the “new” Texas that fuels our soul. Beyond the vibrant music, food, outdoor and creative communities, it’s where progressive views are embraced by all. Where there are no judgements. And where open minds have always been the first to open our cans.

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