Captioning, note-taking and translation. Done right.




The world’s a better place if we can all talk with each other. At Speechgear, we’re making that happen. Now everyone can communicate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime in most any language. Our “James Bond” Background: The CEO of Auditory Sciences is Robert Palmquist. For twelve years he led the United States government team that developed advanced technologies for the intelligence community.

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond movie and noticed the character called Q, the one that makes all the cool tech stuff for the agents, well, in the United States Robert was the real-life Q. While the science and tech were challenging and interesting, this application of his skills was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his career. So, he left.

He started a new firm with the simple thought that if everyone could talk with each other, the world will be a better place. That’s what SpeechGear has done. Anything you say, type, or write is simultaneously translated into over one hundred languages. This is complete multidirectional instant translation of conversations and documents.

Plus, if you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, anything said is instantly captioned. If you are Deaf/Blind, that captioning is presented to you in braille. If you are not able to speak, you can use SpeechGear’s software to speak for you.

And, you can do this anywhere and anytime by either connecting to the SpeechGear communication website, which is www.streamer.center, or by running the software on your own platform.

Back in 1883, the editor of the American Annals of the Deaf wrote, “It is not unreasonable to hope that some instrument will yet be contrived that will transcribe ordinary human utterance.” After a wait of over a century, Streamer™ has made the dream a reality. You can give it a try for yourself; it’s free, and easy to do. Just go to www.streamer.center and click on the More Information link. That’s all it takes to make it so you can talk to anyone, anywhere, and anytime and in almost any language.


It is so rewarding to see a student’s reaction when they realize their listening comprehension has just been boosted. While sitting in the back of a classroom with a Hard of Hearing student, I said, “I didn’t get that, did you?” The student acknowledged that he too missed the content, but with just a glance at the Streamer™ captioning he was able to tell what both of us had just missed. You could just see it in his eyes—he knew he now had access that was not possible with his personal FM or his hearing aids. Success stories like these are what lead me to focus my work towards making Streamer™ available for all students.– Mike Massine, Classroom Consultant, Boulder, Colorado

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