"I believe digital transformation in the IOT age is more about people than about technology.''

David A. Hopper, CEO And Founder - Auditmacs




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David A. Hopper is the CEO and founder of Auditmacs – a technology lifecycle consulting and outsourcing firm. He has won the Ultimate CEO Award and Auditmacs has won best places to work, philanthropy awards, and numerous other awards including multiple INC5000 awards. In 2018, Auditmacs was #1742 in the country for the fastest-growing companies. Auditmacs has a 16-year track record for helping large enterprises dramatically lower costs while better leveraging and managing the entire technology lifecycle. Hopper and his company are on numerous boards and are passionate about giving back. Auditmacs is involved in over 20 different amazing charities. In addition to Hopper, Auditmacs is lead by Jeff Hootselle, Chief Cloud Officer; Daniel Beaty, CTO; Jennifer Mason, Chief Strategy Officer; Zac Smallwood, President of Logistics; Todd Dungan, President of Expense Management, Ashley Whealton, VP of Finance; and Lyndsey Guillama, Senior VP of TEM.


As the internet of things and digital transformation sweep rapidly across the globe, people often focus too much on the technology. Sometimes we need to ask the question… “why?”. Why are we doing this? Just because we can do something with technology isn’t always a good reason that we should.

As a technology leader with a passion for art, I’m always looking to create that perfect work of art or capture that perfect photo. In business, I’m looking to create that perfect ecosystem of technology for our clients. When done successfully, it produces some incredible results.

I took the picture to the right with an EF500 from a helicopter looking down at the beach. I used it because the tire tracks show art but they also demonstrate the complexity and the unknown. Technology is no different. I don’t know if it was any easier in the proverbial “good old days” but in the IOT Digital Transformation age, it’s definitely complex.

The current M&A climate only exacerbates the complexity. The connective tissue between departments and business units in multi-billion dollar enterprises makes all of the financial, regulatory, operational, and security challenges dramatically amplified. Add to that list multiple platform integration/adoption, financial leakage, technology overlap, contractual complexity and management, and system-driven workflows that require flexibility and you have some enormous challenges to deal with…as well as opportunities.




As I said earlier, I believe digital transformation in the IOT age is more about people and the multiplier effect than about technology. Leveraging technology effectively while efficiently managing the entire technology lifecycle will have positive effects on your people, the client experience, your brand, and your profitability. The right technology can empower people to do more, create more, and accomplish more.

Every business wants the multiplier effect. They invest a million and they want 5 million in return. When businesses create the right technology ecosystem and deploy the right lifecycle management protocols, they can experience the multiplier effect. Too often businesses invest in technology and get the opposite. They invest a million and they get a million (or less) in return.

If done the right way, the IOT and digital transformation can create incredible multiplier effects. To realize the positive effects of technology in today’s climate, companies have to embrace the legitimate challenges associated with it. Poor deployment, financial leakage, integration challenges, workflow challenges, lifecycle disconnects, and much more can erase the benefits of your digital transformation.

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