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Auchan Retail is a global and family group, a people-centred company, a historic distributor and a next generation retailer present in 13 countries.

In Portugal Auchan claims to be a militant brand of what is “Bom, São e Local” (Good, Healthy and Local). This is a movement that invests in a solid relationship with local producers, in the quality of its products and in the experiences it provides its customers, as well as in innovative and personalised services that simplify people’s lives. A movement that is truly committed to changing people’s lives.

Auchan Retail Portugal currently employs around 9,000 employees and has 50% women in leadership positions. Auchan is also one of the few companies among the world’s leading food retailers where staff can benefit from its success through employee share ownership. In the Auchan universe employees are true ambassadors all over the world and they are also shareholders of the company. There is a feeling of belonging which makes everyone feel involved in the company’s strategy. In this way, everyone gains with the collective effort and part of the company’s profits are distributed to all those who worked hard to create value for the company. In eight years more than 100 million euros have already been distributed to all employees in Portugal.

On the other hand, Auchan is the only distribution company in Portugal certified in social responsibility and also has 13 shops with environmental certification.

A multi-format retailer providing the best of both worlds. Auchan offers smart, inventive and adaptable formats that are enhanced by the best aspects of digital retailing, adapted to all needs and to all environments. As a business led by customers, Auchan supports them at every moment of their lives and in their shopping experience. The experience at Auchan Retail is different every time. This mix that is changing lives and enticing customers to keep coming back. A “figital multiformat” model, i.e. four (4) shop formats complemented by e-commerce to provide a reinvented shopping experience that is in line with what customers want.

Different formats, different lifestyles Auchan Retail’s multiformat model has every need covered from hypermarkets where clients can stroll down endless aisles just for the pleasure of it, to the little My Auchan on the corner with its rotisserie and ready food display islands, staples sold by weight and choice line of beers – not forgetting life-enhancing services like home delivery or the massive XXL range you can order from Auchan’s multiformat model is also a great instrument for regional planning. Hypermarkets, with their hubbub of innovations inject life into a whole region. Superstores draw customers to their traditional fresh food counters in the city centre. The supermarket is where local people bump into each other.

For maximum efficiency and flexibility, Auchan offer Click & Collect with temperature-controlled lockers, while the neighbourhood convenience store keeps the street front buzzing from dawn until late in the evening.
• 30 Ultra-Proximity Stores – My Auchan

• 4 Auchan Supermarkets

• 31 Auchan Hypermarkets

• 29 Petrol Stations

• Auchan Online Store

• Auchan App (available on the App Store and Google Play)

• Services: In-store pick-up, Drive, Pick-up point, Home delivery

At Auchan around 90% of its purchases are made from national suppliers and most of the fresh products on sale in its shops are Portuguese. It also has Controlled Production, based on a social responsibility policy that supports the community and small producers. At Auchan there is respect for the people who produce its products, their employment, equity and sustainability. The partnership with producers is also based on a viable and sustainable long-term economic policy for all, with an affordable price for the consumer.

Auchan currently works with around 200 local producers – small producers, within a local proximity radius of 50 km, whose deliveries are made shop by shop – who produce over 700 articles that Auchan sells in its shops. This is a relationship lasting more than 25 years, where the company works alongside national producers and especially small producers, ensuring that everyone deserves the profits from their work.

“Bom” Militants
Because it proposes quality products and services at the best price, with the necessary transparency to allow an informed decision to be made. Because it wants to make shopping an experience of satisfaction and pleasure.

“São” Militants
Because it promotes the health and wellbeing of employees and customers. Because it works for the balance and sustainability of the person, the family, the community and the environment. Because it works in a sensible, fair, sincere and ethical way.

“Local” Militants
Because, in the first instance, it chooses what is proper to our places, what is from our regions and our country. It values everything that is from our land, whether products, people, projects, habits and cultures.

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