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A full service product development and innovation firm specializing in the commercialization of emerging products, technologies and markets




ATOM is a full-service product development and innovation firm specializing in the commercialization of emerging products, technologies and markets. ATOM has achieved international acclaim and recognition with its advanced development process that continually delivers resounding innovative solutions into a wide range of markets stretching from medical devices, office technology, consumer electronics, kiosks, transportation, industrial equipment, IoT and wearable technologies. Our mission is to capture customer insights with our proprietary STREAM Research® process, leverage the power of world-class Industrial Design, deliver Design for Manufacturing solutions and launch market altering innovations that have the potential to disrupt entire market segments.

Jodi Deros, CEO and Co-Founder (left); Yani Deros, Co-Founder (right)

Perspective on Innovation
Founded in 2003 by Yani and Jodi Deros, partners in business and in life, ATOM is an international full-service product development and innovation firm specializing in the commercialization of
emerging technologies and markets.

Like its customers, ATOM is at the forefront of discovery and has become a champion of tomorrow’s breakthrough innovations. ATOM is recognized globally for leading first to market solutions bound together by a team of visionaries who are researchers, strategists, product designers, engineers, as well as advertising and marketing veterans who collectively have developed 100s of products over the years.

Fundamentally, we at ATOM are motivated by the unique challenges that each project presents to our team. We strive to deliver transformative solutions and inspiring creative strategies that can be culturally impactful and deliver a better quality of life for end-users. Our award-winning services are offered to both aspiring startups and global corporations who are searching for cutting edge technologies and are ready to disrupt entire market segments with untapped technologies and ideas.

Every project has its unique challenges which require Voice of the Customer Insights to inspire and build the foundation for the next great idea. Our process begins with a highly specialized team that applies extensive experience and abilities to each program. We utilize our proprietary STREAMResearch® method via a dynamic and engaging community of hundreds, if not thousands, of end users assembled to provide invaluable insight into the development of products, brands or technologies.

We then follow a proven development process that captures compelling user and market insights, together with world-class industrial design, industry-leading engineering solutions, hyper-prototyping services and encompassing business strategies to launch those products/solutions with the aim of disrupting each market at the opportune time. We take a holistic perspective, recognizing no new product or service will be successful if it doesn’t support and reinforce the brand.

During our 16 year history, our team has had the privilege of developing more than 300+ products and technology solutions which have resulted in more than $2.8 billion in durable goods orders globally.

Why Phoenix?
One needs to be a risk-taker to live in the desert. The allure of endless horizons, 330+ days of sunshine and a melting pot of individuals and corporations from around the world have allowed ATOM to grow by leaps and bounds to an internationally recognized product innovation firm. Over the years, ATOM has witnessed an influx of talent streaming in from the large metropolitan areas as part of an outward migration pattern, fueled by soaring home prices and cost of living especially in the west, which shows no sign of slowing down. Additionally, Arizona State University, recognized as being in the top 1 percent of the world’s most prestigious universities, offers one of the largest student bodies in the country with a large portion being from international destinations. All these factors contribute to a proactive business
climate that fosters collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The Future of Innovation
Society is on the brink of another technology transformation on multiple fronts. First being Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will hyper-accelerate how society deals with all aspects of business, technology, communication and finance that will occur at unprecedented levels. The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a major catalyst to this transformation where sensors and machines will become ubiquitous and embedded in and across all industry sectors fueling a new age of innovation that the world cannot even begin to comprehend.

Advice & Best Practices
Great ideas can transform society and almost everyone has them at some point in their lives. But many people feel a small idea can create a large fortune, but in reality, they don’t realize it may take a small fortune to realize that small idea. Having a great idea does not necessarily translate into a great product or company. Countless companies have been formed from great ideas, only to collapse due to unpredicted variables. We, at ATOM, understand this and can provide companies with the tools they need to have their idea and company succeed!

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”– Albert Einstein

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