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Advanced therapies (ATMP), in which living materials such as genes, cells and tissues are used as a therapy in a personalized way, show promising results for diseases with currently no or limited therapeutic options.


Today, more than 1 000 clinical trials of ATMPs are underway worldwide and many show promising results in patients with various diseases. Despite the research efforts and results, only a few therapies received marketing authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and/or the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Some manufacturers have even withdrawn their therapy from the market. This is because of the many challenges that arise in commercializing these innovative therapies, which often go hand-in-hand with the high price tag for the treatment. While interdisciplinary partnerships are being set up to find solutions to the commercialization challenges, governments, private insurers or other third-party payers are considering the feasibility of reimbursement.

In the Antwerp region we have a dense network of hospitals and academic research centres, proven procedures for the application, authorisation and organisation process for clinical trials, many spin-offs and pharmaceutical companies and expert service providers. In short, all the necessary players to realize the successful, efficient and affordable delivery of ATMP’s to patients. This is why we have created at.las, which stands for leveraging affordable solutions for advanced therapies. Sharing experiences, spreading know-how and ultimately collaborating with each other, will drive innovations in advanced therapies and bring these promising therapies to patients.


Located at the Science Park in Niel , the at.las network is part of an existing Cell & Gene hub where the GMP manufacturing platform anicells, the pharma and Biotech training centre Vitalent, eTheRNA and exoBiologics are also located.

Are you an ATMP developer and looking for advice, infrastructure, know-how or financial support? Are you an ATMP service provider interested in new developments and open to sharing your expertise? Are you an investor looking for opportunities? Are you like us, fascinated by advanced therapies and their potential impact on human and animal health? Reach us at: [email protected]

The at.las round table allowed MyCellHub to get a lot of feedback in a very short time about the apparent obstacles with regard to digitization in ATMP production. The broad spectrum of experts invited, ensured that the topic was discussed from many angles. The feedback we received was on-point, sincere, constructive, and very detailed.”

Toon Lambrechts, CEO MyCellHub.

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