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Creating Bioprinted Therapeutics With Microfluidic 3D Bioprinting Technology

At Aspect Biosystems, we have combined the power of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting to fuel medical research and the development of bioprinted therapeutics that will save lives and make people healthier. We are passionate about collaborating with researchers and industry around the world to push the limits of our technology and make a real impact.

Our story began at the University of British Columbia (UBC), where Tamer Mohamed and fellow co-founders Simon Beyer, Sam Wadsworth, and Konrad Walus were focused on the development and application of an innovative microfluidics-based 3D bioprinting platform that could be used to fabricate living human tissue. They understood the fundamental building blocks of the human body and started applying the most advanced engineering principles and technologies to build living structures from the bottom-up. Fast forward to today and we consider ourselves to be both an innovator and an enabler of innovation. We are continually developing our core technology and finding innovative ways to apply it within our own research programs. But we are also putting our platform out to an ecosystem of researchers to enable their innovations. We deeply value the commercial partnerships and research collaborations that we have, and strongly believe that we can get further, faster by working together Our bold team of innovators and entrepreneurs come from all over the globe and we depend on our diversity to drive us forward. We are incredibly fortunate to be part of a country with values that mirror our own. Canada, and Vancouver specifically, is compatible for not just the type of team that we want to build, but the type of team that we need to build to achieve success. Aside from the obvious natural beauty of our surroundings here in Vancouver, this city also provides us with excellent access to talent. We have strong roots at the University of British Columbia and are proud that many people on our team were trained there. Our strong connections with academia not only gives us access to talent,
but has also primed us for key collaborations.

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