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Ask any company, and they will tell you they want to innovate. They will tell you that ‘digital’ is the path to their survival and growth over the next era of business. They will speak of the need to attract more versatile talent. They will talk of the focus on owning their marketplace. And they will tell you they are using artificial intelligence to expand their business, but with very vague details.

The term ‘digital transformation’ is beginning to fatigue business executives. This fatigue is induced by unclear execution plans and even fewer clear expectations. If you work for a large company that has been around longer than 10 years, you likely have focused on creating high barriers of entry around your business in the form of size, scale, product line diversification, process efficiencies and geographical reach.

Those very barriers are to blame for a lack of speed and innovation. All the complexity and process knowhow is acting as an accelerant of business erosion in today’s time of speed and convenience. Many companies have known for years that technical, process, and cultural debt is increasing and becoming more overwhelming to address in an ever-complex world.

Most large organizations have answered this problem by throwing people at the situation or outsourcing it so that a 3rd party could throw their people at the process these manual, high volume tasks must get done. Some companies have decided to undertake expensive integration or workflow projects.

Enter Hyper Automation and the Beginning of Ashling Partners

The founders of Ashling Partners spent years in the enterprise application space implementing large ERP, CRM, and Data & Analytics applications. Process improvement was always core to their values. However, these large-scale implementations were ripe with questionable ROI, project fatigue, and elongated timelines.

They knew there had to be a more agile, rapid way to deliver on value without boiling the ocean. This desire led them to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and broader Intelligent Process Automation which was just starting to emerge at the time.

This digital workforce of software robots and workflows could automate tasks within a process to deliver on cost, time, and resource savings while freeing talent up to focus on what humans do best- think creatively, provide empathy and challenge the status quo. Within months, Ashling Partners began their journey in helping others with their own journey towards intelligent automation.

Changing the Future of Work

Instead of providing the same work experience with a slicker user interface, Ashling Partners strives to change our relationship with work. That includes the type of work we do and the fulfillment we get out of it. Shifting the menial, repetitive, robotic work done by many knowledge workers to the robots so employees can focus on value-added tasks that requires creativity and decision-making is Ashling’s vision of the future of work.

This vision of a more meaningful type of work and productive relationship with emerging technology is what excites the Ashling team the most. This vision has led to a 2-year growth of 429% of Ashling’s workforce and 2-year revenue growth of 400%.

The Ashling Way

Ashling Partners is at the forefront of the Hyperautomation revolution. Ashling helps its clients improve productivity and employee engagement by leveraging intelligent process automation, RPA, data capture/OCR and Machine Learning technologies and design thinking principles to make automation gains sustainable and a driving force for digital innovation and continuous improvement.

Founded by business process improvement & technology industry veterans, Ashling Partners values meaningful work for our employees while driving real value for our clients in a sustainable and continuous manner.

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