Arthur was born out of a desire to answer the following questions: How can we ease the entrepreneurial burden of healthcare professionals? What are the motives driving the development of AI today? Are we, as a species, creating technology that improves life on Earth in the long term, or are we simply pursuing market opportunities without thinking about the consequences of our innovations?

As our founder Gregory witnessed firsthand the immense stress & pressure that his parents have experienced as dentists running their own clinic, he decided to leverage the latest software & AI technologies to help free dentists and their fellow healthcare professionals from this burden.

Our first step in this odyssey has been creating an AI which uses machine learning to fill & optimize clinic schedules — all while providing the team with the KPIs they need to truly understand their clinic’s performance. Our goal is to give them superpowers by reducing their workload & mental burden, fostering productivity, clarity & ease, all while helping them grow their practice!

At Arthur, we’re pursuing excellence every day, creating innovative products and implementing a software infrastructure that supports best practices in data science. We aim to master the art of bringing ideas to life simply & effectively.

That said, our ambitions extend beyond simple business.

At a deeper level, we have a burning question: How can we leverage our core business to address the key philosophical, ethical & cultural issues facing the creation of AI today?

Well, here’s our secret: we want Arthur to be more than an AI company simplifying the management of dental clinics. We aspire to become a symbol of AI for peace and to demonstrate that one of the keys to creating a bright future on planet Earth lies in creating companies that do their utmost to embody harmony between nature, human beings and technology.

We strongly believe that the individuals and companies presented in this book — and you, dear reader — have the potential to influence the future of Earth. As founders & creators of technology, we believe we must take full responsibility for the choices we make every day. Isn’t it us, the entrepreneurs who work at the cutting edge of technology, who are the most empowered to align our innovations with our most honourable intentions? Aren’t we the ones able to embody the greatest potential of what life on Earth has to offer for ourselves and future generations?

This is why we invite you all to join us in this quest to discover the real potential of human beings, technology and the interaction between our inventions, our beings and mother nature.

We are all the creators we’ve been waiting for — and we all have the power to create the future we seek.

With love and light,
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