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With a deep expertise and passion for health education, we are known as the Education Enthusiasts. Artcraft Health helps patients, healthcare providers, and all relevant stakeholders develop the skills, knowledge, and motivation they need to understand and communicate their diagnosis, initiate and adhere to their treatment, and experience the best possible outcomes. We specialize in four areas: clinical trials, promotional education, hospitals, and demo devices.


We uncover rich insights along the patient journey and identify the barriers, motivators, and unmet needs that patients encounter, from pre-diagnosis through adherence. Using those insights, we then intervene with the right educational message at the right time, using an engaging innovative solution.


Although everything we do is rooted in health education, behavior change, and health literacy, what’s key is finding compelling ways to engage patients in order to help educate them. When you involve patients in their treatment and surround them with the right mix of solutions, their engagement increases. So our solutions often include a mix of innovative options using technology, video, animation, gamification, AR, IoT, and of course, print technology.

In addition, we look at the whole patient, not just his or her disease. Often, friends and family of the patient are living with the diagnosis as well, so it’s important that all stakeholders are educated throughout the healthcare journey. This means that even though patients are at the center of everything we do, we also engage and educate all of the people who treat, support and counsel them––from caregivers and clinicians to pharmacists and providers.

“Artcraft Health is a hybrid agency delivering both patient engagement and education strategies, and innovative solutions. We’re privileged to service top-tier pharma, biotech, and device companies with a mix of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.”

– Greg Santore, EVP


We have experts in all forms of media, so we’re not predisposed to one particular channel. We recommend the right solution––or right mix of solutions––to make the biggest impact for our clients.

We develop creative solutions at the appropriate points of the patient journey and experience. From clinical trials to mature brands, effective education should motivate all stakeholders to take action. We educate patients, caregivers and those who treat, support and counsel them, and ultimately build and grow your brand.

Year Founded: 2005

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