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Arora Engineers, Inc. (ARORA) is a professional service engineering firm that provides planning and design, program and construction management, and facilities management, layered with information technology, for the built environment. Arora’s mission is to improve the quality of life by Rethinking Infrastructure®, with a focus on aviation, transportation, education, government, and commercial sectors.

Arora specializes in providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/fire life safety, special systems/video displays/technology, airfield electrical engineering, and geospatial services for its clients. Over their 32-year history, the firm has evolved their traditional MEP engineering practice to emphasize the technology and processes that connect systems infrastructure, improve operations and longevity, and make life safer and easier for those who use it. Therefore, their goal is to maximize the role of infrastructure, its impact, and its value through highly intelligent solutions.

Through our innovative approach to design, construction management and facilities maintenance management, our priority is to help our clients always remain on the cutting edge of efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

Innovation in Planning and Design

Arora not only designs engineering systems based on the unique and specific challenges that their clients face but also helps integrate buildings with their systems and technology. This integration helps to provide consistent communication between operators and customers, as well as a constant, reliable flow of information from the building itself to its stakeholders. Through the design and integration of communications systems, common-use systems (e.g. baggage, ticketing), public address and visual messaging systems, and emergency mass notification systems, Arora supports the directors and project managers who want technology in place to better manage complex day-to-day functions.

Smart infrastructure and technology can also greatly benefit those who are traveling through a facility. Arora is an industry leader in the fusion of mobile technology, digital information, and wayfinding to produce a better passenger experience. Through the implementation of customer information display systems, video walls, wayfinding systems, and dynamic digital signage, Arora can significantly ease the challenges of navigating through comprehensive facilities and create a more comfortable, agreeable experience for the customer.

Rethinking Facilities Management

Arora Technology Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arora Engineers, Inc., is now expanding the scope of their services through a groundbreaking platform, Arora ATLAS®. ATLAS® provides airports with access to actionable information that helps reduce operational expenses, streamline processes, manage systems and teams more effectively, and improve the passenger experience from home to gate. The system uses Esri GIS mapping as the backbone, allowing an airport to integrate airfield operations with landside operations to create a unified information platform. Data points from across the enterprise are leveraged to create a comprehensive view and provide high-quality information to the decision makers who need it.

ATLAS® uses a unique combination of sensors and processes to help identify passenger queue wait times, understand visitor flow for the coordination of maintenance schedules, and provide valuable, real-time statistics. The system allows the airport to track assets, analyze staff coverage, and ensure timely responses to incidents by combining information from disparate and previously disconnected systems. ATLAS® can also enhance non-aeronautical revenue by providing data on space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers of entry.

The information provided by ATLAS® is presented in a way that supports smarter decisions for smarter infrastructure and ultimately creates a smoother passenger experience. The platform is also customizable to fit the needs of any facility and can tie into existing enterprise systems, allowing for a true end-to-end value across the organization.

Building a Smarter City

Arora’s innovative efforts within their industry also effectively align with Philadelphia’s initiative to become a Smart City. The true concept of a Smart City is an environment that is better connected, more sustainable, and allows for more convenient living. This type of city utilizes technology, extensive data collection, and data analyses to identify and provide solutions for everyday environmental and social challenges. Subsequently, this plethora of data from different sectors, such as traffic and transit, environmental conditions, schools, health, and infrastructure, must then be integrated and connected to provide smarter solutions and to better support the city’s progress.

As seen through the development of ATLAS®, Arora understands the importance of this connection between previously disparate systems and is striving to apply this concept to the built environment as it stands today. As Arora implements these strategies and platforms, they are creating smarter infrastructure that will ultimately lend great support and work seamlessly with the Smart Cities of the future.

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