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Ark Applications is a family office located in Tampa, Florida that is focused on private equity investment, consulting, and community engagement. We view ourselves differently than most family offices in that not only do we provide funding, but we also offer our collective garnered experience to our partners in the form of “mentorship capital” to be deployed into our portfolio companies and partnerships to help them become more successful. We feel that it provides a more successful outcome and maximizes the personal growth of the founders and their teams’ experience. Our expertise can provide insight to the companies and help with the typical challenges that occur during the entrepreneurial journey. We love enabling other people be successful, and get satisfaction in being the catalyst to their success. Our focus is investing in great companies within the greater Tampa region and positively impacting their trajectory, which has been evident with Peerfit, Script and RAS Learning.


The Company was founded by Daniel Greco, Justin Smith, and Bob Smith, during a dinnertime discussion about wanting to get involved in helping businesses become more successful. All three of the founders had a very different areas of experience in business, and each could add something unique to our mentorship recipe. Justin Smith’s background is in marketing/ branding/ software development and project management. Bob Smith started his own business and grew it from the ground up, which provided him 40 years’ experience running a company. Daniel Greco’s experience in operations, supply chain, and business strategy provided greater opportunity to ensure operational efficiency. Ark applications - Headshots
ARk Applications D Greco II
Daniel Greco II, MBA – Managing Director
ARK applications J Smith
Justin Smith, MBA – Managing Director
Ark Applications - Bob Smith
R. Bob Smith, III PhD. – Managing Director
The team wanted to use their collective abilities to help others and maximize the outcome of their investment in companies that had significant potential. Ark Applications viewpoint of providing mentorship to the founders, as well as seeing the investment as a partnership, is a unique value proposition to the companies we work with. In addition, on our consulting side of the business, we treat it as a partnership, where our goal is to see them as successful as possible, even if it means providing insight or work outside of the scope of what we were hired for. We have had consulting agreements where we notice other areas where improvements can be made and will include those in our report because above all we want to see them succeed. We treat everyone with whom we do business as an extension of our family. We feel it is important to love our work and what we do, and want to ensure that we are excited every day to work on the projects in which we are involved. It’s all about creating meaningful partnerships with the people we work with. Ark Applications has made strategic investments in Tampa-based companies and is proud to be a contributor to the local ecosystem. Overall we are very happy with our trajectory and have had the opportunity to work with many of the local startups, whether through mentorship or networking. ARK Applications Logo facebook | linkedin | |

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