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Ark Applications Is A Small Private Equity And Consulting Firm Located In The Tampa Bay Area

Ark Applications


Founded in 2015, the company has focused on helping startups in the local area realize their full potential through capital investment and mentorship. With several investments in their portfolio, the team has built their company around partnering with companies that share in their core values. The strong belief in partnerships over investments is consistent with the way in which the company was founded. The company believes in creating lasting partnerships with others and working together for the greater good of all parties.

Daniel Greco II, MBA – Managing Director

Justin Smith, MBA – Managing Director

Daniel Greco II, MBA – Managing Directo

Two of the companies that were the first additions to the Ark Applications portfolio also appear within the pages of this book – LiftSync and Peerfit. Both of these companies demonstrated significant potential to transform the industries within which they operate, and make a large impact on the Tampa Bay area. LiftSync is a fitness wearable company that facilitates the recording and analysis of weightlifting performance for athletic teams. Peerfit created a marketplace for wellness credits to be used for a-la-carte fitness activities for plan participants. Both of these companies operate in the fitness space with the intent of improving the quality of life for others.

However, none of this would have been possible for the team if it weren’t for a moment of realization after a Thanksgiving dinner. Founders Bob Smith, Dan Greco, and Justin Smith discussed their desire to help grow businesses in the local Tampa Bay community. The founders decided that Ark Applications would help others be successful through mentorship and capital infusion. The timing seemed perfect considering the new level of energy building in the Tampa Bay community for both startups as well as existing businesses.

As they became more involved in the Tampa Bay startup community through activities such as mentoring at Startup Weekend, the Tampa Bay WaVe, or the University of Tampa’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, additional advisors were added to the team to provide a deeper breadth of resources for Ark Applications. Daniel McDonald, Brayton Bollinger and Jessica Wolfe were added to the team and have assisted in the execution of the vision that the founders had in mind when they started the company. This group together has begun making an impact on the greater Tampa Bay ecosystem and the local startup community. The company believes that creating a strong team is of the utmost importance in being able to execute and deliver exceptional help to other businesses.

Ark Applications intends to create meaningful change in the local community through their continuous involvement with local businesses both large and small. The Tampa Bay area is a thriving ecosystem of hungry entrepreneurs hoping to make an impact on the world, and it is the hope of the company to be able to assist some of these rising stars in their mission. Through their capital investment and mentorship, the founders of Ark Applications believe they have what it takes to be successful. |



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