Investment + Family Values + Culture Building = “Mentorship Capital”

Founded in 2015, the Ark Applications story began simply as a moment of realization between the founders after a Thanksgiving dinner. Bob Smith, Dan Greco, and Justin Smith discussed their shared vision to help local business grow and stay within the Tampa Bay region. That shared vision fueled an initiative to create Ark Applications to help early stage companies achieve success through active mentorship and capital infusion. The timing seemed perfect considering the new level of energy building within the Tampa Bay community for both startups as well as existing businesses.

At “Ark”, we believe that business growth comes as a result of personal growth. We are career professionals with diverse backgrounds that have witnessed firsthand the impact of mentorship and thoughtful leadership can have on others. This is why we created Ark Applications, to build the better leaders and successful companies of tomorrow.

Coining the phrase, “Mentorship Capital” our team has created, grown and sustained a respected and award winning organization that transcends traditional partnerships by actively working with early stage companies that share in their core values.

We don’t just offer an infusion of capital to an early stage company, we provide the immeasurable element of “mentorship capital” to assist in rapidly scaling their company. We accomplish this by actively working with the company to enable collaboration, unlock new lines of revenue, provide solutions for customers, gain innovation insights, improve internal processes, and catapult the organization by innovating faster. This approach allows us to provide an unparalleled level of support for companies that are part of our direct network. After all, at Ark you are not just part of our portfolio, you are considered part of the family.

In the end, though, results matter, especially to entrepreneurs. Ark has a successful history of delivering an incredible value and experience for our partners – that’s why companies seek us out to partner with them. Our investment portfolio consists of high achieving companies such as Peerfit, Script, Knack, Immertec, Wherewithal, and ItsByU. All of these companies have continually demonstrated significant potential to transform the industries in which they operate and also make a lasting positive impact on the Tampa ecosystem.

Additionally, we strive to impact Tampa Bay through volunteering our time, energy, and resources to non-profits in the community. We feel strongly about making a meaningful impact on the community and our company supporting organizations like Meals on Wheels, Tampa Foundation, Lifepath Hospice, Humane Society, and the Crisis Center to name a few. Non-profits like these provide important resources to the community that are irreplaceable. Our commitment to the greater community isn’t just limited to startups and businesses, we want to help others succeed in all aspects of the greater Tampa ecosystem.

Ark Applications has also become more involved in the startup community through activities such as mentoring young entrepreneurs at the University of Tampa’s Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, Florida-Israeli Business Accelerator, University of South Florida, Syracuse University, and the Tampa Bay WaVe. The team has carried on their goal of bettering the entrepreneurial community through imparting knowledge on eager entrepreneurs to enable success. This has also led to the expansion of Ark Applications into the business consulting space to assist companies in solving critical business-related issues.

Ark Applications creates meaningful change in the business community through their continuous involvement with local businesses both large and small. The Tampa Bay area is a thriving ecosystem of hungry entrepreneurs hoping to make an impact on the world, and it is the hope of the company to be able to assist some of these rising stars in their mission.

Through their capital investment and mentorship, the founders of Ark Applications believe they have what it takes to be successful.

Ark Applications

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