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Optimizing Team Performance and Innovation Through Data Driven Insights and Human Focused Strategies.

The best business outcomes are achieved through high performance learning environments. Organizations look to teams to accomplish key goals but often only measure, track and improve the “above the water” KPIs. The performance gains that can be achieved through developing psychological safety as a critical focus is the iceberg of opportunity sitting right below the surface. It’s people that achieve those outcomes – psychological safety is the next frontier to realize that potential.

We formed Aristotle Performance by starting with the quote “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Providing everyone with the opportunity to love their team and win together is our focus; by encouraging team and leadership growth focused on increased psychological safety as a key outcome, we know we can get there. It’s a win on both sides of the equation-when you provide an environment for your team that encourages high performance and care for the whole person, employees produce more and can have better lives.

Our clients have come from several sectors including Government Institutions and the Financial Services Sector and we are expanding within other sectors including Tech, Pharmaceutical, Cryptocurrency and Consulting Agencies where innovation is necessary for survival. The people we work with see the connection between individual wellbeing, team outcomes, and business outcomes.

The need for progress is clear and we are bringing new life to an old concept. Rooted in our human biology, psychological safety is part of our fight-or-flight response; connected to our deep understanding that it is safer to be part of a group. This tends to make people short-sighted and myopic, treading on eggshells or hesitant to simply speak up in an effort to not appear foolish or disagree with the group. This short-sightedness can cause massive setbacks for business. Even worse, those costs and setbacks often go un-measured.

The road to Aristotle Performance was not easy, but it was necessary. I worked in several physically and psychologically challenging and often harmful environments that were considered normal to those industries, but would be seen as abusive elsewhere. Those environments were tough and the people were tough but it developed a resilience in me that is uncommon and prepared me well for entrepreneurship. As a result I needed to commit significant effort to recover and to adopt a new more abundant mindset. That journey led me to my life’s work creating environments that empower and enable people while ensuring that those outcomes allow businesses to thrive. For me the challenge and the joy comes in complexity and the simplicity of tying those two
goals together.

The environments I worked in and my experiences cover a broad range. This was important as it taught me that regardless of the work, how you treat people is the most important element and that environment determines outcome every time. Cadets at a young age demonstrated amazing leadership and mentorship but also displayed toxic leadership and an often violent environment, to life as an arborist and tree faller, multiple business owner, and eventually the fast-paced live production industry I learned and saw firsthand the value of a team with a common mission. Leading well over 300 teams built my own confidence as a leader but also increased my empathy for leaders. Far from the corporate arenas I work in today, these often toxic environments allowed me to witness how people can slowly, over long periods of time lose their sense of self worth.

In our modern knowledge-based economy and corporate environment it is just as difficult for people to feel valued and to create an environment of high performance. As I became a certified coach and Success Finder practitioner and started focusing on leadership development, my real world experiences became invaluable.

My experience as a leader, seeing the value of team, and watching talent go to waste in negative or unproductive environments made the desire to focus on psychological safety both practical and personal.

Now we are growing our capacity to reach more people through education, awareness, and capacity building. The need is growing rapidly as the world’s workforce is becoming increasingly self aware and the race for greater innovation in knowledge based work continues to heat up. High performance depends upon the sharing of information and ideas, therefore we know that no psychological safety means no high performance. In order to adapt, businesses need to create an environment that allows teams to interact and share. Operating in synergy with our team development, we know that not everyone is a natural leader, but that leaders should also have the opportunity to grow alongside their teams.

My goal is to change the narrative around what it means to work on teams and what it means to be a leader. I believe in a world where people can leave work more empowered than when they showed up is possible and I want to be at the leading edge of that shift.

Aristotle Performance

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