"Creating powerful work environments"

Arian Lewis, CEO and Founder - Kiln

Prior to starting Kiln, Arian led the creation of a global coworking brand for Barclays Plc. called Rise. Rise exclusively for Fintech with locations in London, Manchester, NYC, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, Cape Town, and Vilnius. Arian is a native of Utah and loves playing in the snow with his family. He holds an MBA from Oxford University and a B.A. from BYU.

Coworking or flex office space currently represents less than 5% of the commercial office sector in the U.S. but by 2030 it is expected to represent roughly 30%. Coworking is not a new concept but comes at a time when multiple trends are driving new demand to flex office or coworking. The modularity of business, lifestyle aspirations of millennials, and the ever-increasing need to compete for talent in tech are some of the drivers.

Coworking can also help with speed to market. Startups can quickly connect with fellow founders and experts to solve problems and refine their products. Coworking also increases connectivity to others, creating a community where bonds and relationships can be formed.

At Kiln we strive to create both an effective and uplifting office, where the friction of doing business is removed, whilst also curating a community. It is the connectivity to others, which creates the most meaningful outcomes. We can only be in one place at one time – and so we need to make it count. The people and place that surrounds us as we do our life’s work are critical. Where we work can impact our emotional and physical wellness, our perceptions of the work we are doing, and our relationship to the world around us. It can also have strategic and growth implications for our businesses.

At Kiln we are on a journey to forge the future of work, forge a community that enables growth, and forge relationships that are meaningful.

We are passionate about not only building an environment to grow a company but a community to support an individual.


[email protected]
26 S. Rio Grande St. Suite 2072 (13,974.85 km) 84101 Salt Lake City, Utah

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